Chinese Sports And Leisure Apparel Town


 From 2002 to 95.63 million yuan to last year’s 307.15 million yuan, scenery town revenue more than quadrupled in five years; as a “China town sports and leisure apparel,” brand building scenery the town businesses in recent years made remarkable achievements, At present the town famous brand in China, China has reached 20 well-known trademarks, famous trademarks, brand names in more than 70 provinces, account for half of the total number of Shishi City. With the Shishi clothing city, scenery Clothing Science and Technology Park, the scenery apparel business park have built scenery have become brands in Fujian Province were the gathering area, to become the core of lions apparel industry chain link.


 Scenery the town has been able to achieve sound and rapid economic development, the town benefited from the rapid development of non-public enterprises, but also, and scenery Town Chamber of Commerce initiative to play a role as a link inseparable. Scenery second session of the General Chamber of Commerce, the town was established five years ago, to play an active member companies advantage and network advantage, through a variety of ways to strengthen horizontal cooperation, actively carry out exchanges at home and abroad for economic integration and for the introduction of capital, technology and human resources efforts. Five years, the scenery has introduced the town of 136.8 million U.S. dollars of foreign capital, mostly through the town Chamber of Commerce, member companies matchmaking introduced.


 If the industry is the economic backbone scenery, then the business sector is the scenery of economic muscles. Shishi city of town to play a central area of the regional advantages, relying on Shishi Clothes City, Nanyang Road, fabric market, lions accessories market, Shiquan Road, sewing equipment market, Jinhui fabrics market, garment surface accessories Yongxia integrated market, Fu Feng Mall, WO Selma shopping mall and other professional market, and expanding the modern service industry development. With the Ming N Hyatt Hotel, clothing City Hotel, Hua Min Import & Export Building, Taiwan Textile Research Center, Garment City, 3 and logistics zones, clothing city bus station at full capacity expansion projects such as construction of the rapid growth of tertiary industry will promote the optimization and upgrading of secondary industries scenery, scenery central business district is taking shape.


 Scenery well-developed industrial and commercial town, how to play a Chamber of Commerce in the role of uniting the business community for the scenery, “3 civilization” to contribute to the building, scenery Chamber of Commerce, to spare no effort: In order to enhance the expertise of member companies, towns, Chamber of Commerce has invited industry and commerce, taxation, customs, quality inspection, Labor Bureau and other law enforcement agencies hold seminars, training, policy and regulations;

In order to strengthen the examination of domestic and international markets, towns, trade associations and members of the Council to Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Zhuhai, inspection, study and developed areas of management experience, understanding of market information, to achieve better results; five years to guide the town, the private sector technological transformation of production inputs have totaled more than 10 billion yuan, the town has gradually increased content of industrial technology; Chamber of Commerce member companies in their own development, not forgetting back to society, member companies donated a total of more than 380 million households in hardship for the student and condolences to the area, donated more than 2000 million yuan to set up home education.