Chinese Learning and Reading


Chinese is now popular all over the world, more and more people are trying to Chinese. Some have gone to China and others are staying at home. But it is not so important whether you have gone to China or not. What is important is that you have a willing heart to learn Chinese.

Definitely, it is good and suitable to begin Chinese with Chinese alphabet(or Chinese Pinyin). In this system Chinese characters are not involved. And Pinyin is nearly the same with English letters except for its pronunciation. Through this learning, you can learn some simple Chinese sentences for daily communication. But if you are a serious Chinese learner, you should learn Chinese characters. If you go to China, you will never see any Pinyin on the wall or the gates of all the stores and companies along the street. It is the same that foreigners will never see any English phonetic symbols on the street, either, if they come to English speaking countries.

But learning Chinese is really not so easy. Spoken Chinese maybe appears easy to understand, but the written form is really hard. But you don’t need to learn the written form if just for daily communication or traveling. People can speak one language, it does not mean that they can write the words in it.

For learning Chinese, you can choose a lot of ways, including, to China, into a training class, with a tutor, or even by a Chinese learning software. If you choose software learning, Rosetta Stone Chinese is one that is suitable to you.
Then some others would really like to learn Chinese deeply and seriously. For such people, the ways are many too. Going to China is the top way. But this time your journey is not leisurely any more. You need to observe, you need to touch people and their life. Then sit down and read.

Reading can open a better view about this country as well as the language in it to you. Certainly you need to read Chinese this time. And nearly all the frequently-used words in Chinese you must know and understand so that you can read smoothly. You can read small stories in Chinese, and can read something about Chinese history. Totally you need to read as much as you can. The more you read, the more your view will be broadened.

Then you may hope to learn other languages, using a software can be a good way. For example, once you want to learn Spanish and English, Rosetta Stone Spanish and Rosetta Stone English are available online for you. Certainly before you learn the two languages, you had better read something about them so that you will be familiar with them when you are learning them.