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2007 12 10, the Cuban State Council member, Information and Communication Minister Menendez. Valds in Cuba for the establishment of terrestrial digital TV standard, led 12-member delegation to visit China, Beijing Zhongguancun, Beijing Zhongguancun Administrative Committee Organization Digital TV Industry Alliance members: Tsinghua University, Haier Electronics Group, North Canton technology company reception. Vice Mayor of Beijing and Zhongguancun Administrative Committee met with the delegation, deputy director of the summer to all members. Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Zhixing in detail the Chinese terrestrial digital TV standard GB20600-2006DTMB, and a live demonstration HD TV mobile reception, standard definition video mobile to send. Followed by the Cuban delegation visited the Haier Electronics Group, North Canton technology company to inspect China’s digital TV industry. The representative of Cuba spoke highly of China’s DTMB standard, and to invite Chinese enterprises in Cuba, compared with European standards Test .

Cuban State Council member, Information and Communication Minister Menendez. Valds and his party at Tsinghua University to understand China Digital TV Standards

Cuba’s invitation, Zhongguancun Administrative Committee-led delegation to visit Cuba, by the Tsinghua University, Professor Yang Zhixing as a national standard guide, Beijing North Canton Technology Co., Ltd. offers a full range transmitting equipment, Haier offers STB , The Chinese national standard in Cuba and the European standard DTMB DVB -T comparison test.

This test, the Chinese North Canton technology to provide 200 watts transmitter, Haier Electronics Group to provide STB Form 8MHz system, with the European standard 200-watt transmitter (DMT provider Italian company) share a Multifunction devices , One antenna, the source program through the company by the Chinese count encoder, the same transmitter power, signal strength quite. A total of 82 points, including urban areas, rural areas, the building behind, indoor, outdoor, automotive and other fields to test. The multi-repeated comparison test, the Chinese standard of 41 points stronger than the European standards, the 29 point level in the European standards, only 13 points inferior to European standards, China’s standard of absolute advantage, to the Cuban side confirmed the launch of our national standard and made to receive system strength.

As Cuba used standard 6MHz analog system, this test Cuba and Latin America to meet the actual needs, China has made rapid market response, in early 2008, Zhongguancun Science Park Administrative Committee to establish the “China DTMB standard 6MHz system R & D and industrialization “program, less than six months, Tsinghua University, completed a DTMB/6MHz system development and laboratory testing, the North Canton completed DTMB/6MHz digital television exciter system development, and production of a DTMB / 6MHz system 500W transmitter, Haier produced 50 DTMB/6MHz system set-top boxes. The first half of this year, by the Administrative Committee of Zhongguancun tour, re-visit to Cuba, the two sides reach an agreement 6MHz contrast test system in order to reach as soon as possible Cooperation !

Venezuela, China, the standard test “first prize”

2008 5 15, the Venezuelan people the right to information and communication through the Venezuelan Embassy to the Department of the Beijing municipal government management committee of Zhongguancun Science Park note, South America, ALBA (Cuba, Venezuela, Colombia, Bolivia, Dominica, Nicaragua) in Canada Lagasse on the international digital TV standards in different technical assessment, I hope China’s DTMB standard is also included in the assessment of the project.