China’s First “self


Sept. 28 news: an earthquake in the classroom, in the theater burst of fire, accidents in the field … … the future, geological science park in Shanghai, the “self-care self-help” combat base will be able to experience it all. Yesterday, the country’s first self-care self-help young people experience the base was officially opened in Pudong, young people learn through experience when unexpected disasters should have escape, self-help, mutual help skills.

Try self-care self facing the earthquake

In the “self-care self-help” combat bases, the most wonderful feeling than five earthquakes. Experience in seismic modeling field??? A special school, the students sit in classrooms or school, or in the bedroom, resting. Suddenly, violently shaking the ground beneath them. “Earthquake it!” One time, the whole classroom off their feet, there are several students to maintain good standing balance, and it would lie on the ground. The bottle was shook the table, “fell to the floor”, the classroom windows, the roof is to become “fragmented”, the children’s screams echoed in the air.

“Please do not panic, first cover their heads, and then find a shelter … …” live, guide the students to seize the opportunity to explain the essentials of escape when the earthquake. In the guidance, some students hid under a bed in the bedroom, some with bags guarding head Dunzaiqiangjiao, all carried out in order.

“So exciting!” “Really an earthquake with the same!” Experience, the students seemed very excited. “In the past both in the textbook to understand these safety knowledge, has never really feel like this too. Today is really experienced, really touched on the future know how to do the.” Fengxian light only in the sixth grade thick Xiao Lu told reporters.

Artificial earthquake fire can In Interview The reporter learned that the earthquake effect is a 7.5 kilowatts of power made of large equipment simulation, the whole process lasted about 2 minutes. “Live simulation of the effect on the point of view, the intensity of the earthquake control 5, so that those who can not only feel significant experience of felt, not that bad because of the strong shaking and fall injuries.

Addition to earthquakes, every half hour, a small theater there is a fire drill, fire engines to put out the fire quickly take it! The scene was suffocation, learning to use cardiopulmonary resuscitation. If the rescue properly, the “simulated people” will be a strong pulse beating up, hop-hop can be touched.

Learn the skills of interactive experience

Youngsters self-care self-help combat experience base is the first comprehensive information system, universal, teach “self-care self-help” feature of knowledge and skills base. It is located in Pudong volley agronomic Grand Park, an area of 1000 mu. Science base is divided into self-protection self-help knowledge corridor, seismic modeling experience, field, fire simulation drill hall, outdoor survival skills training area, orienteering skills area, knowledge of interactive areas, daily life, “three defenses” sudden and accidental injury to the Science Museum Ambulance District Eight analog blocks.

Test run this month on the 20th so far, 2,000 tourists daily. Interactive site by the way young people experience on how to prevent earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, gas poisoning, crowded and trample other, to understand and master the self-help earthquake, traffic safety rules, field survival and other safety knowledge learned in the simulation scenario in the real aid escape, self-help , each rescue skills.