China’s Auto After

.tags Change from the R value of China’s automobile market will see high-speed Developing 10 years

Situation from the pilot areas, China’s leading regional basically called the “north of Guangzhou-Shenzhen”, that is, four of China’s most economically developed areas. In the pilot areas, the first car into the family of the time, probably around 2000. According to the 1996 forecast may be the first to enter the Pearl River Delta and Beijing the second, the year was expected after the year 2000. Beijing

fact even earlier than the Pearl River Delta, followed by the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta is again, basically this is the case. Mainly associated with the degree of economic development is very high.

These places into the home at the earliest time, R value is about 3 or so higher than 3, are now lower than 3 was.

Now from the development point of view, the pilot of the pilot countries and regions in China are to follow the law, and the other, and now research shows that only the Singapore and Hong Kong, due to high population density, there is no way to accommodate the development of a car Therefore, the use of their cars to a very high high fees policy, your car is very cheap, but the high cost of the vehicle, you could not afford a car, they do not follow this law and, apart other than the country to follow this rule. Therefore, we have reason to believe that China will follow this rule. The next step depends on how the future of our R values to develop.

R value of the future may soon be transferred to the 3 and below, so as to provide vehicle access to the basic conditions for the family.

R value is constituted by two factors, one is the purchase price with a per capita GDP, vehicle prices have declined in the next room, probably in 2007 or 2006 years ago, car price cuts by the major WTO tariff corporate rate reduction and cost savings in recent years, while the development of the next few years may be associated with a high degree of appreciation of the yuan, there will be a decline in the price of. There is an algorithm, about 20,000 U.S. dollars in car CIF Market The price is 35,000 U.S. dollars, plus 25% of the tariff, 17% of the value-added tax, consumption tax also, taken together, about 1.7-1.8 times the market price is 35,000 to 36,000, according to 8 yuan RMB if against one U.S. dollar, you are in the market price of about 288,000, is 3.6 to 8 is 288 000 Wansheng concept. If the appreciation of the RMB against one U.S. dollar to six dollars, in fact, CIF also unchanged, the market retail price in dollar terms is the same, but if we take up by the RMB becomes 210,000, and almost 20,000 U.S. dollars of cars are Accord, Passat this model. If the original imported 210,000 vehicles sold, there may be even lower than the domestic prices of vehicles.

According to the survey, the price of domestically produced cars and imported vehicles less than 20% of the time, 85% of people willing to buy domestic cars. This is our bottom line, and the price can not be high, must be less than 20%, if you do a low 10%, many people buy imported cars rather than buying a domestic vehicle. Therefore, the pressure on the one hand, the second phase from internal cost savings, on the other hand imported cars from?? Renminbi appreciation for imported cars brought the impact of domestic cars.

Point of view from space has dropped the price of space, because we have to expand the size, scale industry, automobile industry is a price change may be expanded as the scale, the cost will decline. Our price is the average price here, the concept, the next step with the development of independent brands, will result in average price to go down. Equivalent to more than the price of its own brand joint venture brands, we use the cheapest, as Jetta and Santana models that also equivalent level of own-brand car with about 1.5 times. If the next higher level, may be more expensive. Expand the share of own brand will lead to a decline in the average price.