Cherry Laminate Floor


A cherry laminate floor can bring a warmth and richness to your home with its deep earthy tones that may be just what you’re looking for if you’ve been searching for something different. Cherry timber is not necessarily always very dark, or even very red, but generally a nice compromise between the two. The warm cherry tones of the cherry laminate floor can be enjoyed without going too red or too dark for your home’s decor or your personal tastes.

Quick Step, BHK, and Westhollow all currently offer a cherry laminate floor, and although they are all quite popular, and all great products, each offering is a bit different. Some may be a tiny bit easier to install than others, which would be a concern if you plan to do it yourself. Often one may be marginally cheaper than the others, depending on the reseller. Other than that, though, the different products are largely similar. There are also lots of less popular brands that carry a cherry laminate floor, so shopping around before deciding on a brand or color is probably a good idea, just to be sure you’ve checked all your options.

If you’re looking for a cherry laminate that won’t overcome your interior with reds, pink, or just plain brightness in general, Mellow Cherry would be a good choice to look into. Mellow Cherry is one of the more popular offerings from Westhollow who offers a wide range of cherry laminate flooring. Biltmore Cherry, which is a more classic variation of the typical cherry hardwood, is also offered by Westhollow, and is a very warm laminate floor with dark red undertones.

Another popular manufacturer of cherry laminated flooring, Quick Step, offers Natural Varnished Cherry. This is probably the most vibrantly red of the cherry laminated floors, though it is a very natural coloration. Quick Step’s Select Cherry is also very natural looking, though it shows just how mild it is when sitting next to the Natural Varnished Cherry, as it is neither overly bright or red.

Another of the more reputable cherry laminated floor suppliers, BHK, also has some very attractive products. Almost white, Rustic Cherry has a cherry undertone that is simply beautiful. It’s also at the lower end of the pricing spectrum, so if you want something truly unique at a bargain price, Rustic Cherry would be the way to go. BHK also carries Black Cherry, which is basically what you picture when someone says “cherry wood”.

Whatever you decide, a cherrywood laminate floor will certainly add the beauty of cherrywood to your home without the maintenance that comes with traditional wood floorings.