Charlize Theron’s Workout Regime & Weight Loss Diet Plan Revealed to Make You Burn 5 Lbs in 2 Weeks


Actress Charlize Theron believes in planned workouts to get the perfect body. Her diet and exercises keep her fit and maintain her weight. Charlize Theron’s workout regime and weight loss diet plan has been revealed. These may help you burn 5 lbs. in just 2 weeks.

Charlize Theron Workout Regime

She exercises a lot. She enjoys dancing. She is a trained ballet dancer. As far as gym workout is concerned, she keeps it gentle. The schedules also include yoga, running and ice skating. You may also do cardio and stretching exercises as they are beneficial enough. These exercises may be done with the help of ab circle pro for getting better results. This is a fitness device that helps you do exercises in all possible postures safely without a trainer. You also get an additional CD that helps you perform the exercises in the right manner. A handy manual is also provided to you that helps you prepare your own diet plan.

Charlize Theron Diet Plan

She eats healthy and balanced diet. Her breakfast includes steak & eggs. She takes low carb diet and instead of having 2 major meals she takes 6 mini meals. She adds plenty of vegetables and fruits in order to gain maximum of vitamins & minerals. She does not take sugary and starchy food.

Charlize Theron’s workout combined with the right diet can make you lose 5 Lbs in 2 weeks, provided you follow them strictly. Acai berry is also very effective in quick and safe weight loss. This Brazilian fruit is termed as the ‘true superfood’ for the dieters. This is a natural appetite suppressant that provides you all the required nutrients. It helps you burn around 20 pounds of fat in just a few weeks. This keeps your metabolic rate high throughout the day. This in turn increases the energy levels in your body that keeps you more active and energetic. Acai berry fights various health issues like diabetes, cholesterol, heart related diseases and cancer. This is done by improving the immunity system and the digestive process of the body.