Charitable Car donation Centers


The main purpose of charitable car donation is to help people know how they should go about when they decide to donate their vehicles to a charitable car donation organization.


In recent years, many people have come to know how to go about donating their cars to the charity and they have also come to know that their donations are improving other people’s lives.


This makes an individual feel good about his/her self because of helping the needy in the society. Over $ 650 million has been lowered in form of tax because nearly 200,000 people in the United States took a car donation deduction on their tax return.


That was just for the year 2000, Since then many people have opted for the charitable car donation initiative because when they donate a car they are able to settle a part of their federal tax returns and at the same time improve lives of majority of the poor people in the community.


Any one intending to take their cars to charitable car donation centers, should avoid the profit oriented organizations whose main aim I to pervasively handle the car donations.


People who have worked with such organizations in the past confess that the organizations tend to keep almost 50% of the total car’s value and there are even those that keep as much as 90% or even more.


This makes the whole idea of giving the money raised after the sale back to the charity seam like one big joke.


So if a donor can by any means find a charity that can handle the whole car transaction by themselves, then they can be able to keep the whole 100% of the profit and by doing so the money goes to help those who need it the most.


After donating the car to the charity of your choice, the charity must then prepare a written statement of what they intend to do with the donated car. If the charity decides to sell the car, then it must sell it at a price that is below market value.


The charity might as well decide to make some improvement on the donated car. This means that the car should not be sold before the said improvements are done.


The agreement about the charitable car donation should be written down with full details of the donor and the charity organization for future references.