Characteristics of Adults Learners ? Inspiration to the Youth


Learning does not need any age limit, which is well known by all of us. Learning is such a thing that can be enjoyed at any stage of life and it’s an ongoing procedure. Learning is a mean to get more and more knowledge and enlighten ourselves with it. Each concept in this world has something or the other learning factor in it and so each thing is important from the learning point of view. There are diverse things to learn and it is not simply limited to the book.

Adult as learners play very important role; they form an inspiration to the youth. They create perfect ambience in young and teenagers on the motivational node. They are willing to take lots of effort to study and are ready to learn something fresh in order to increase their knowledge. Adult Learner always takes a professional behavior when they learn something.

Adults as learners are very motivating component. At every stage of life they have gained lots of experience and their learning sense is also very much different when compared with the youth of today’s generation. Their Learning style is different. Below are some of the characteristics of the Adult Learner:

Adult Learner has the capability of taking proper judgment on any work and accordingly decides with the procedure.
They have good focal point on their learning process and they complete it at the final stage of the study.
One of the imperative characteristic is that they form good motivation.
The Adult Learner has great potentiality of learning.
It has been observed that the Adult grasp faster than the youth.
They have good observation factor in them.
The most important factor is that their experience is strong component they carry in their life and their experiences supports them a lot at every stage of life.

Adult learners show interest in learning and they have proper guidance to learn. They are always in search of some good opportunity to learn something new. Adult Learner has good as well as bad experiences which becomes their tool while solving any difficulty. Adult Learner has some difficulties while learning. They face difficulty while listening. It has been discovered that Women can’t hear low sound and Men can’t hear high sound. So, one should be careful while learning. They also face difficulty in visual sense. Then too, they have tremendous cognition to learn.

As we all know that Learning brings change in the person’s behavior. Learning is an active process. According to the researchers, Adult Learners tends to lose interest when the learning is in theory style, but when the concept is learnt through visual source like AV, PPT presentations etc… they develop interest in learning. Adult Learner presents themselves as life principle to all the youth and one has many inspirational things to learn from them.