Changing the face of social networking


At one point of time, some five years ago, we believed that human being is moving towards existential crisis. Friends and family were moving apart and it was hard to be in a social platform. Then came the Internet revolution and with it, social networking. And then facebook came into the picture.

Facebook is perhaps the most popular social networking website at present. Everyone has a facebook login. The popular networking website has attracted millions of users from all over the world. There has been many networking websites before facebook logon, but none has been this successful. Reasons being- the exclusive features, seamless networking options, applications, updates, reach and involvement. You can get in touch with your friends, family and relatives on the single platform.

Privacy settings

This is one of the most significant points that makes facebook favorite amongst people. You have the liberty to secure your page and limit an access to people that you want. You can repost Spam and you can report abuse. Facebook takes immediate action to safeguard your information. You and add or delete applications or friends as per your wish.

A perfect sharing platform

Everyone has a facebook login. And when you wish to share photographs, videos or notes and you want to share with everyone, there you go. You can maintain an album with pictures and videos. Tag your friends and family, people can come there and comment. You can interact that too for free and without geographical boundaries. Also, if you have a particular hobby or interests, you can always use facebook login as a platform to showcase your work.

Some facebook login facts that might interest you

• The networking site was launched in February, 2004

• A very young entrepreneur, Mark Zuckerberg is the creator of Facebook Login

• You can use facebook in more than 70 languages which makes the website completely global.

• As per a research, the equivalent of 3,500,000 minutes is spent on facebook each day.

• To everyone’s surprise, facebook has more than 500 million active users at present and each day more people come and register.