Changing In: English Teaching And Learning For The Fun Of Wisdom

.tags Technology Co., Ltd. President Multiversity HC Education Network: Honourable users Hello everybody, this is HC Network Studio, we are very honored to go to create the new (China) Technology Co., Ltd. President Dr. Lee.

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Dr Lee Hello. Changing in: hello. HC Education Network: We know that innovation and new company headquarters in Singapore, has also committed to China Computer Multimedia development, there may be some people do not understand, please tell us about your company’s situation first.

Changing in: create a new company we are more understanding, because we have been doing multi-media world of digital technology, we create the new time out from the innovative education piece of the overall business operations, so the new innovation is to business focus on education, especially online education. Create the new company is known in the global multimedia is listed on NASDAQ in 92 years. We are mainly in the entertainment media, and education, this piece has been the main innovation is the new digital entertainment, multimedia extension of the innovation is the new derivative business, this piece of business innovation and technology accounts for a sizeable amount of business, although the scale of business expansion and business models mature, the spin-off piece of business to create innovative and new online education service, which is after the new record. At present, innovation is the new headquarters of its innovative and new technology in Singapore headquarters, R & D mainly in China. Is innovation and new (China) Technology Co., Ltd. This is part of.

HC Education Network: We know that learning this piece iFlashBook Technology Our own technology, including voice recognition technology, language technology, a number of online lectures unique technologies application in education, you can not talk about us.

Changing in: First part about these two techniques, one is voice recognition technology, today we say with accuracy is the voice recognition technology and because of the processing of natural causes, in fact, these two technologies in terms of innovation and new is more than a decade of development and accumulation. First, the speech recognition technology to today’s recognition technologies, voice recognition is that we all know that we are able to voice Software Recognition of our voice. As a recognition perspective, with emphasis on voice recognition to identify from the text, from the speech recognition point of view, from an educational use, the greater emphasis on speech recognition technology from Recognition to. Identification, particularly in today’s emphasis on phonetic learning to speak our voice in the spoken language, especially in stressed, listening and speaking ability to the training, we need to talk with the voice inside your computer. For example, the voice of teachers from abroad, we must follow him read, is an imitation read, or even to do with the role he played between this important voice in the middle of the correctness or otherwise of the production is recognition technology. Recognition technology is the ultimate recognition, our pronunciation’s own voice and computer distance between their own soundtrack, if this very close, our place, for example, Chinese and English reading pronunciation of our very accurate and better. If the distance is longer, then we have a certain sound, and the gap between the soundtrack. To use this technology to enhance our academic learners, when the following sound correct, could well help the learners continue to correct our pronunciation, English language learning can be more like the Chinese pronunciation of the real and imitation through continuous learning , voice of the proof, which can be from a foreigner or a very pure beauty of sound.

HC Education Network: By your explanation, I think the voice of the technology is more conducive to language learning, if we do other subjects, our companies have developed other technologies?

Changing in: Other subjects, just talked about the important speech or language learning. If we develop other disciplines, such as learning Chinese or math, or learn other, in fact, with these or other appropriate technology. Just talking about natural language processing, speech language processing some of the technology, for example, today we present the network information platform, and as word segmentation technology, the screen to take the word of technology, including the text of the summary of technology. What is a summary of technology, is a long article, the center effect, which can be cut out from a long text to form a summary at a glance. In learning English, you can read the article from which a large number of more knowledge, when a very long article, meaning you do not know what to do summary, these are natural language processing technology, with more than disciplines forward, we have more technology on to support the various disciplines in Digital Aspects of the presentation.

HC Education Network: This is our development of a trend, right?

Changing in: Yes. HC Education Network: We have brought us today to see Dr. Li Q School English Teaching material , Create the new teaching in the network, domestic and foreign demand, you can not talk about.

Changing in: In fact, the digital interactive teaching, speaking, domestic and foreign in nature are the same. Two months ago, do not know if I have noticed a message that Schwarzenegger announced that California high school in California to promote access to comprehensive Electronic Class, that is, the network involved in the textbooks, so the one hand, a large number of Review to reduce funding for California. For e-books, and finally into a registration card you can, to the network direct access to the textbooks, it is important not only that, but the network involved in the textbook after textbook after the start in the study of knowledge, but also can be understood as, Open a textbook on the network, behind a large number of knowledge base organization in his lower, in fact, the book on the thin and thick, knowledge and expand on this. At home and abroad at this point there are essentially different, we have promoted in Singapore, this project is called “My Chinese?? Cartoon book”, that is, the Singapore Ministry of Education under the Chinese teaching materials are all used networked intervention, then the students in the classroom, in both before and after school to open the textbook, which, he can go to rehearsal, you can learn in the classroom, but also after school to review, which is quite convenient. Think about a student that he can also travel on the way to the network directly through the textbook into the classroom, the learning will be learning anytime, anywhere portable. So at home and abroad In fact, in terms of learning, the first is a change. Years as the wisdom of the island of Singapore