Cellulite Exercises: Loose That Cottage Cheese For Good!

{flickr|100|campaign} Cellulite exercises to reduce cellulite have been an obsession for women since the invention of the bathing suit. In addition to exercise programs, every year men and women spend billions on miracle cellulite creams, pills and devices that result in little to no fat reduction to show for their money, making it one of the most dishonest segments of the health and fitness market.

With regards to properly targeted exercises, one of the most frequent misconceptions is that cellulite is special or different from any other type of fat in your body. But the truth is that fat is fat, no matter where it’s at whether it’s in your neck, thighs, stomach or buttocks.

There have been many laboratory tests that prove time and time again that cellulite is merely plain old body fat. But dishonest marketers have played on the pain and shame of millions of women convincing them that the only way to eliminate their “hail damage” it is to use an expensive product or device for the affected areas.

One more misconception of these heavily marketed products is that they promise to work, and when they do not, the user believes that their genetic makeup are the main reason for his or her ugly cellulite.
The best case scenario typically involves squandering a lot of money and also learning a very useful lesson. The worst case scenario can involve permanent scarring by a severe skin.

Thousands of people out there have battled cellulite and feel that their own only option is liposuction. But please take into account that liposuction can only remove fat, not the dimpled skin. In addition, lipo can make fatty tissue more pronounced and several women have experienced this but are too uncomfortable or embarrassed to come forward.

Most women understand that exercise and good nutrition will help reduce cellulite. They have also often started as well as quit many common fitness programs because of frustration and poor results. But real cellulite exercises are not the same as those of a general physical fitness routine.

Improving your overall health with a basic fitness program is really a plus to be sure. However, if cellulite reduction is your goal, then disappointment from a program like this is a foregone conclusion. No one wants to work out like crazy at the gym and still not like the same old orange peel skin looking back at them in the mirror.

There’s just one proven way to reduce the dimpled look of trouble spots and that is to enhance muscle layers directly underneath the cellulite area. These specific exercises target the muscle tiers directly beneath the fatty tissue areas and the skin then takes on the desired smooth appearance.

Cellulite exercises especially target the fatty tissue zones by stimulating specific layers of muscle to firm up, which in turn gently push out against the epidermis. This particular targeted workout is not about using weights and gym machines but employs specific body motions in a specific order and tempo. Without those components, the dimpled pores and skin do not go away.

You can find women who really like how they appear in their clothes and are pleased with their weight. All they desire is to get rid of their cottage cheese skin and maybe simply tone up a bit without having to do a full blown health club routine. Cellulite elimination is the goal and that’s just what cellulite exercises achieve.