Celebrity Watch on Satellite TV


Summer is the time the celebrities come out to play (not like they are not out all year long), what with warmer temperatures, concerts tours and festivals around the world. As more and more celebrities get their own reality shows and the gossip bloggers take over all media and move to satellite TV, too, pay attention to where and what your favorite celebrity couples or families are doing on channels like VH1, E! or MTV. The following are some fo the most popular television shows that you can catch year round to see what kind of havoc your favorite celebrity is causing this week.

E! True Hollywood Story: Each week a celebrity family, couple or solo is selected and is profiled on this popular weekly series. Now that E! is a high definition television channel, you can watch Lindsay Lohan’s train wreck life play out in true colors. Catch up on her child star and darling past as she partied her way into bad girl history and violated her DUI, sending her back to jail within the next few weeks.
The Soup on E!: The Soup is great not only because it is hosted by NBC’s lovable Community star, Joel McHale, but because it rounds up all the best gossip from each week and does a great job at mocking the gossip mongers by satirizing everything that happened. Satellite TV now offers this channel in Spanish, too, so everyone can enjoy watching your celebrity melodramas and reality shows rounded up in the most hysterical way possible.
MTV Video Music Awards and Movie Awards: These award shows, though not really holding much street cred next to the Oscars and Grammys, are still entertaining because you never know who will turn up, who will fight who and what kind of drama the usually overly rambunctious and obnoxious hosts will stir up. It receives tons of unwarranted attention each year, so pay attention to Hollywood’s cheesy glitz and glamour on MTV’s high definition channel.
VH1’s Reality Series: VH1 and MTV invented poor reality television, but VH1 really brought it to the next level with stars like Bret Michaels, The Pick Up Artists, Tila Tequila and other D-listers trying to bring their star status up to the A-game. Sadly, most of these stars will end up eventually on E!’s or VH1’s Celebrity Rehab shows instead of walking the red carpet with an Emmy in hand.
The Bachelor Series: This show, in high definition and basic cable, has been reincarnated so many times with poor lonely and aspiring men and women looking for “love,” which is actually code for their 15 minutes of fame. Give it to them and tune into ABC during the summer to see bikinis, make out sessions and more while they look for their one true love. Note: about 8 of 10 setups from the Bachelor series have ended in failure.