Celebrity news: Piers Morgan On Twitter – Finally


Many may be surprised that it’s taken omnipresent media personality Piers Morgan until late 2010 to join Twitter.

Over the past couple of years, the microblogging portal has become increasing popular not only with the stars, but also journalists looking to find out the latest celebrity news with the minimum of effort. The outgoing Britain’s Got Talent judge and former Daily Mirror editor Morgan had held off from keeping the world updated of his every movement until November 30th, when he announced: “BREAKING NEWS. I’m now a Twit. Official”.

Like most people who join the site, his first thought centred on getting as many followers as possible – in fact, he’s written about little else since signing up. After amassing more than 40,000 followers in a matter of days, he’s already been poking fun at celebrity pals such as Sir Alan Sugar and Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger to gloat about passing their follower total. Other than that, he’s revealed little else so far. So if it’s celebrity gossip and entertainment you’re after, you should probably be looking elsewhere, including these five hot celebrity Twitter accounts.

Stephen Fry (@Stephenfry)
Probably the most famous celebrity Tweeter of them all, comic Fry has become known for his candid revelations and heart-on-sleeve messages. The fact that when he regularly ‘quits’ Twitter it becomes headline news is a marker of just how big his impact has been on the site in recent years.

Lily Allen (@lilyroseallen)
Whether she’s slating her celebrity rivals or sending her fans on treasure hunts for gig tickets, Lily Allen knows just how to keep a multi-million strong following interested. It’s well worth a look if you want to know what the lazy gossip columns will be writing about tomorrow – making it (almost) like looking into the future.

Jonathan Ross (@Wossy)
The flamboyant telly present’s brand of puerile comedy may divide opinion, but if you’re firmly in the ‘love it’ camp, this regularly updated feed is a great place to get your fix now he’s quit his Friday Night With… and Radio 2 shows.

Russell Brand (@rustyrockets)
Wossy’s partner inbroadcasting crime Russell Brand has also maintained a regular presence on Twitter, Tweeting updates on his cat Morrissey, wife Katy and his new Hollywood lifestyle.

‘Sam Allardyce’ (@TheBig_Sam)
One of a plethora of fake celebrity accounts, this Twitter page is based around the weird and wonderful (imagined) thoughts of Blackburn Rovers manager ‘Big’ Sam Allardyce. If you’ve ever wondered what really goes through the mind of a Premier League manager day-to-day, ‘Big Sam’s Twitter really isn’t the place to start – it’s far more interesting/funny.