Celebrity Faces Foreclosure

Who says celebrities are spared from the Continuing saga of Foreclosures in the U.S.? As a proof that even Hollywood is affected by foreclosure, a celebrity is reportedly facing a foreclosure of her thể expensive and stylish home. Truly everyone is vulnerable to this pressing problem and expanding.
Theo Reliable and well-placed sources, Hollywood celebrity is facing a foreclosure Alexis Bellino case pricey and may soon lose her home. Alexis and husband Jim Bellino have reportedly received a foreclosure notice of property, mà was already published in the local community newspaper trong.
The controversial home is located at Newport Beach, in Orange County, California. The couple is believed to have invested up to $ 6 million in purchasing and renovating the 6.400 square-foot property in Southern California. Có thêm have been reports that the Bellinos thử Dispose the home. Reportedly, in a desperate move to sell the property and avoid foreclosure, the couple has significantly slashed the price tag to just $ 3.7 million.
Hollywood Real Estate kibitzers and observers note that this is one sign that the downturn in the housing Industry and the impact of a recent Financial crisis is affecting not just ordinary Americans, even celebrities pen. Some insiders note that the Situation is not unique to Alexis Bellino, vì nhiều other Hollywood celebrities have faced, are facing, and are set to face Foreclosures.
Alexis Bellino is known as one of the popular stars of the reality television show The Real Housewives of Orange County, mà aired over the Bravo Network. Alexis was not one of the original casts, pen she was tapped to join the program khi its fifth season to replace Jeana Keough.
The controversial celebrity has had her share of interesting issues in the past. Marrying Before her current husband Jim, Alexis used to be married to a businessman named Jeff Barry. In a magazine interview, Jeff Revealed His marriage to Alexis that failed vì extravagant lifestyle of the latters.
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Fishbowl: Alexis Ohanian

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