Celebrities in Infomercials


Often times, celebrities are included in infomercials. They help add a level of familiarity to the viewer and can often heavily influence the decision to buy the product. Traditionally, the celebrities are chosen based on their: 1) trustworthiness, 2) expertise, 3) physical attractiveness, 4) respect, and 5) similarity to the target audience. For example, it’s not uncommon to see an athlete endorse a weight-loss product.

Celebrity Examples

Barry Williams, the American actor made famous by his role as Greg Brady in the television series The Brady Bunch, was the celebrity behind “70s Music Explosion” by Time Life. A 70s American icon, Barry was perfect because so many people know him and knew his influence on 70s culture. In fact, he appeared on an episode of “That ’70s Show” in 2006.

Chuck Norris, famous for Walker, Texas Ranger and other acting, was the infomercial spokesperson and endorser of Total Gym in the last 1990s. Chuck, an avid fighter, was known for his physical conditioning and form. Chuck was an excellent choice for this product, as he fit (or exceeded) many expectations of the target market. Total Gym has released a number of different versions and has received numerous awards since the Chuck infomercials.

Susan Lucci, a Daytime Emmy Award-winning actress and contestant on Dancing with the Stars, endorses the Malibu Pilates equipment. Susan was over 60 years old when she endorsed Malibu Pilates, combating the stereotype that it’s difficult for older individuals to get in a shape easily. Malibu Pilates has become quite successful as a result of her endorsement.

Launching a New Career

Sometimes, being in an infomercial can help launch a celebrity into an entirely new career. Celebrity endorsers can sometimes earn millions of dollars per year for being in infomercials – more than some of them made from their actual work of acting, competing, etc.

As you can tell, a wide-variety of celebrities endorse infomercial products – from world champion athletes to daytime actresses. They’ve been doing it for years and it’s likely they will continue to as well.