Celebration Of Durga Puja Other Corners Of West Bengal

.tags What can I say about durga Puja.it is the most ecstatic festival of Bengalees ,a worship of the divine power. This festival celebrates the victory of good over evil. It is the time when the whole of Bengal pulsates with the unique philharmonic of conch shells, the fascinating rhythms of dhaks , the Uloo, the burning of scented dhoop , pushpanjalis and of course, the chanting of hymns and prayers. To mark the four days of durga Puja festivity, here we bring a unique section on durga Puja for all Bengali people. You may go through our articles, wallpapers and many more regarding durga Puja. What is needed only to log on durgapuja online .
Its a primitive belief that the flowering of waving Kaash indicates the rains are over and the autumn has begun. Its a time for good hope. The bright and breezy mornings, silky sunshine, mild smell of shiuli flowers make us feel that the durga Puja 2010 countdown has begun ! The fervor of the festivity begins a month ahead. Bengalees durga puja is not only a religious festival but it has derived a new form of social festival.
Although , durga puja looks gorgeous in Kolkata yet it is celebrated with same passion, emotion and devotion in other part of the state. In Howrah district there are so many big pujas are held, but the must visit durgapuja is in Belur Math, the best known for its Kumari Puja. This ceremony takes place in the morning of ashtami, when the Divine Mother is evoked to manifest herself in a virgin young girl. People from different district come and feel the devotional presentation.

In Murshidabad district, the durga puja nights, specially Astami and Nabami are filled with crowd from different part of the district. Visitors come out on the roads with their family and friends. They enjoy the festival throughout the night. Cossimbazars durgapuja is the oldest puja which is about 300 years old . A huge number of visitors gather on the Bhagirathi Ghat to visit the last journey of Durga maa. The scene of peoples parade with Durga maa to immerse her into the Bhagarathi is beautiful. Generally the pandals and idols of Madhupur area win the prizes. Lighting is done to a great extent to increase the beauty of the Puja nights. People of West Bengal enjoy the festival through the night. Hundreds of puja pandals are set up every year in the Cossimbazar , Berhampore, Khagra, Madhupur, Gorabazaar area. All pandal are decorated with lights and sounds. Swarnamoyee, Baganpara, Bishtupur, Ranibagan, Kadai, Swargadham, Ajana Sangha, Cossimbazar Choto Rajbari are famous and the oldest durga puja from this area.

Hundreds of puja pandals are set up every year in the Siliguri Mahakuma area. Many attractive colourful pandal, glorious “Protima”, and colorful lighting create joy for visitors. During durga puja period, visitors come here from all over the world. The city is adorned with lights. Every day visitors come out on the roads with their family and friends. All pandals are decorated with lights and sounds. Saktigarh, Hakimpara, Rathkhola, Champashari, NJP Colony, Saktigarh Utjal Sangha are famous and the oldest durga puja from this area.
The durga puja festival is an extremely social and theatrical event. Drama, dance, and cultural performances are widely held. Food is a huge part of the festival, and street stalls blossom all over West Bengal. In the evenings, the streets are fill with people, who come to admire the Goddess Durga, eat, and celebrate.In the then prevalent social structure, especially in wellknown Bengali Bonedi Parivars, the main menu for the invitees consisted of polao, Kalia, Chingri macher malaikary, Macher muro diye mugger dal, Alu Dam, Chokha, Macher chop, Chingrir cutlet, Ilish bhaja, Begun bhaja, Potol bhaja, Doi Mach, Chutney, Luchi, Kachuri and Papad .
Participation is much diffused and amorphous today. Bengalees have successfully recreated the fundamentals of the puja in distant domiciles for decades now. Here we are also prepare to bring you the a complete package on durga puja through durgapuja online .