Celebrating Australia’s Citizenship Day

.tags One of the biggest reasons why a lot of people would want to embark on an Australian immigration is because of the chance of getting citizenship. Indeed, the perks of becoming a citizen of the Land Down Under is quite aplenty, which is why a lot of people want to get here. However, as a lot of people already know, becoming an Australian citizen is not quite that easy. For one, the process of gaining citizenship can be quite long. For starters, one needs to have stayed in the country for at least five years in order to gain permanent residency status. And from here on, you will have to wait for another five or so years while your application for citizenship is being heard by the Department of Immigration and Citizenship. And this one is not yet the end of it. There are in fact a lot of things that one needs to go through in order to get into Australia in the first place. While there are many options for entry to the country, all of these have quite a tight application process that must be completed in order to gain entry to into the country. Furthermore, the DIAC has s tarted to make new changes in the visa programs in order to better select the people to let into the country. These changes, in turn, has added more obstacles to getting entry to the country, and thus ones chances of gaining citizenship. Thus, you can see how those who are lucky enough to get in and apply for a citizenship are greatly delighted when they finally receive the confirmation that they are now, indeed, genuine Australians. And this is where Australias Citizenship Day comes in. Citizenship Day is essentially the day where a lot of people proclaim their love for being an Australian citizen. This is also often the time where thousands of new Australians get the chance to celebrate their becoming full fledged citizens of the country. The celebrations are held every 17th of September. For this years celebration of Citizenship Day, more than 3600 people from all over the country will formally receive their proof of citizenship. These people came from more than 118 different countries, which is quite a testament to Australias popularity as an immigration destination. All in all, more than 69 locations were chosen for the Citizenship Day ceremonies, which were attended by officials from the DIAC and the recipients, as well as their family and friends.