Celebrate a Special Retirement


Retirement, to some people, simply means an end to employment. To those in the know, it’s an end to many varieties of legal torture.

“Torture?” you scoff. “Isn’t that stretching it a bit?”

Think about it. No more stale coffee and donuts in the break room. Unflattering fluorescent lighting and uncomfortable office chairs will be things of the past. Paper cuts, company picnics, team-building meetings…adios. Say au revoir to Casual Friday’s and Wacky Tie Monday’s. You’ve suffered from carpal tunnel, arthritis, and those weird eye twitches you get after staring at a computer screen for too long. Finally, after all those years of hard work, you’re done. Go ahead, do your happy dance. We’ll wait. You’ve earned it. 

If you or someone you know is retiring, some gift-giving is in order. After all, retirement is a time to be celebrated – free at last! You’ve already endured the awkward farewell office party, and what’d you get? Probably a nice watch or clock, right? It’s up to you to decide what you’d like to do with this standard, boring gift (we’re sure there are many ideas running through your head), but keep in mind that it’s the thought that counts.

Besides, the real retirement party comes later, when you’re at home and surrounded by the ones you love.  

The best gifts to receive are the ones you’ll actually use. Sure, a personalized picture frame or plaque would make a great bookshelf accent, but we can do better. Don’t be afraid to give others some subtle hints about what you may like for a gift. Or, to be slightly more obvious, set your browser’s homepage to a site that shows your idea of a perfect gift – the next person that logs onto your computer will take the hint!

Need some ideas for either yourself or someone close to you? Ask yourself what the retiree will be doing with their newly-acquired freedom. Will they be traveling? An engraved money clip to keep their money safe would be appreciated, as would a special retirement coffee mug filled with a package of instant coffee to take with them on their travels. A leather-bound travel journal with a personalized pen will help them record memories of their journey.

If the retiree loves sports, there are many unique gift options, from golf-themed shot glasses and bookends to New York Times crossword-puzzle-printed baseballs to beer pilsners. Or, if he/she is into gardening, fill a hand-painted flower pot with packets of seeds and gardening gloves. 

Maybe the retiree in question is simply someone who seems to have everything, and for whom it is impossible to shop. An engraved bottle of wine in a wooden crate would make for an elegant gift, and could be paired with a corkscrew gift set or beautiful decanter. Or help them relax during their time off with a spa gift set and some comforting scented candles.

Retirement gifts don’t have to be extravagant, but they should show the retiree that all those years of work have been appreciated. Put some time into finding that perfect retirement gift, and help them start their retirement off right!