Catch the Top 5 Secretly Canadian Actors on Satellite TV

{flickr|100|campaign} America’s neighbor to the north, Canada, may not seem that different from the United States upon a first glance. Most of the country speaks English with a similar accent as many Americans have, and the structure of their society is fairly close to that of the United States. The majority of Canadians would probably balk at this generalization – they see themselves as quite distinct from the United States, both in terms of government and culture. But regardless, it is very easy for an English-speaking Canadian to pass for an American if he or she so chooses, and oftentimes Americans themselves cannot tell the difference. This has meant that a number of Canadians have been able to become top actors and actresses in American movies and television programs without anyone knowing the difference. Chances are, when you are casually flipping through the channels of your satellite TV, you will encounter all kinds of Canadians that you had just assumed were from somewhere in the upper Midwest. Here’s a list of the top actors you probably never guessed came from up north.

1. Dan Akroyd

This funnyman got his big break on Saturday Night Live, which is based in New York, and one of his most famous roles of all time – Elwood Blues in The Blues Brothers – has him playing a Chicagoan. But Akroyd actually hails from Ottawa, the nation’s capital city. If you turn up the volume on your HD TV, you just might hear him pronounce the letter “o” kind of funny.

2. Jim Carrey

Though he is now a U.S. citizen, Carrey is actually from Newmarket, Ontario. After a hard, poverty-stricken childhood, Carrey moved to Toronto and started winning over audiences as a stand-up comic. He eventually moved to Los Angeles, where he was discovered by Rodney Dangerfield, and the rest is history.

3. Pamela Anderson

This former Playboy Bunny represents the standard American babe for many. But fans might be surprised to learn that she is actually from Vancouver, British Colombia. She was actually discovered at a Canadian Football League game when she was 21.

4. Kim Cattrall

Best known for her role as the lusty Samantha Jones on the HBO hit Sex and the City, which you can catch on your satellite TV, Cattrall was born in England but grew up in small town British Colombia. Though she left Canada to pursue acting immediate after high school, she recently appeared in a British Colombia tourism advertisement that aired around the world during the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympics.

5. Michael J. Fox

Fox originally hails from Edmonton, Alberta, smack dab in the middle of the Canadian prairies. He exploded to fame in the 80s in the sitcom Family Ties, which is still being syndicated on various channels on your satellite TV, and went on to star in a number of hit films such as the Back to the Future Series. Despite his Canadian roots, Fox is presently involved in American politics, advocating for the expansion of stem cell research to look for cures for Parkinson’s disease, from which he suffers.

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