Casting Your Luck to Buy a Car Under 500 Dollars


If you could buy a car under 500 dollars, that would be quite a good deal. Budgetary constraints for some people have brought down what they want into pure basic needs. After all, if a vehicle in good condition can get us to places where we need to go, what more do we really need?

To buy a car under 500 dollars would not seem much of a task when we get down to going around and looking for one, but to get a lucky deal on it is another story. Too much of a good deal may be the opposite of what you want. If the price is too cheap, you may stop and wonder for a while if anything is wrong with the vehicle.

Here are a few tips when looking around to buy a car under 500 dollars:

1. Check the condition of the title. These could be part of the hidden costs why you are able to get such a bargain. It may no longer have a title or possibly give you a difficult time when registering it.

2. Haggle to get there. Bring out your negotiating skills on the table and mildly suggest that you just came from an offer that was below the current price thrown at you. Do this subtly and unobtrusive, of course, for you could get on the bad side of the seller and this technique will rebound on you after you have actually found a good one in front of you.

3. Balance out expected repairs. A cheap automobile will not come in a brand new condition. After all, that is the reason you are getting it at a reduced cost. Anything too costly to fix up may not be a bargain at the end, so you have to itemize these little details if it will sum up to its worth.

4. A last resort would be to offer to haul the vehicle away for free. Dependent on the condition it is in, sometimes the owners just want to take a few things off their driveway and may just settle for your offer. This may sound very surprising, but it does happen. Do shop around for the cost of its parts though, because older vehicles tend to have a scarce supply of spare parts and possibly would even be quite expensive even if you could source them out.

The quest to buy a car under 500 dollars is not easy, and it will take a lot of patience and determination. You can turn it into a lot of fun though. Sometimes, it is the thrill of the hunt and the accomplishment of actualizing the bargain that matters at the end.

So, good luck to you in your pursuit to buy a car under 500 dollars!