Cargo Bar, Sydney, Australia – Review


Hugging the shores of Darling Harbour, the Cargo Bar and Lounge is a destination of choice for the 30 and under crowd looking for a great night out.  Located on the King Street Wharf strip right next to Wildlife World, for years Cargo bar has attracted crowds of bar and nightclub enthusiasts, including some of the sexiest girls in Sydney to it’s dance floor.

In case you are wondering “Cargo” as it is known to the regulars is in fact to distinct venue’s, being Cargo Bar (the main bar downstairs) and Cargo Lounge (Upstairs), both with extremely different atmospheres as well as requirements to get in.

Cargo Bar is for the people looking for a great night out in a classy yet vibrant atmosphere.  The unique half indoor/outdoor open plan venue caters to clubbers of all taste, with a centrally located dance floor that get’s pumping after 11 o’clock.

If you are heading there, make sure to dress to impress, and for guys, if you are in a group it is recommended you get there early to avoid disappointment, as chances are you will get turned away any time after 9pm.  In saying that, do not mistake this for pretentiousness, rather it’s a biproduct of and extremely popular bar that is the function venue of choice for many private parties.

Conversely, upstairs Cargo Lounge is a different story altogether.  If you aren’t a VIP or on the guest list, then don’t bother showing up after 8pm.  If you are lucky enough to get in, you will undoubtedly be impressed by the vast array of cocktails on offer.

With a terrace overlooking the harbour, the Cargo Lounge is far more exclusive then downstairs and this is very much reflected in the clientele it attracts.  Unfortunately Cargo Lounge is a lot smaller then Cargo Bar, and on busy nights it does get a little bit crowded (The bathroom lines will attest to this).

My pick of the two is without question Cargo Bar as I think it is one of Sydney’s best bars.