Careers In Criminology

.tags There are two potential criminology careers for students to choose, the Bachelor of Arts criminology and the Bachelor of Science criminology. The Bachelor of Arts is the platform towards the criminology background related to the criminal justice agencies and causes of crimes. The areas they cover include the court system, juvenile delinquency and correctional facilities. In other words, they are more of the implementation side of the criminology. Students studying under the Bachelor of Arts will stand chances of getting jobs in the correction agencies or courts.

In terms of the criminology salary, the study of criminology under the Bachelor of Science would be more rewarding and satisfying. The field of criminology science is wider, deeper and more enhanced. It applies both the research and sociology theories to investigate crimes. This horizon of studies reveals the problems associated with measuring crime, nature and causes of crime, the true mechanisms required to control criminal behavior and prevalence of the many types of crimes. This program intends to produce professionals who have the will to participate into scrutinizing crimes and solving cases.

If you think criminology graduates only revolve around crime cases and court systems, you are thinking at the wrong track. The criminology careers are so wide that criminologists can also work on their personal research, become educators in universities, work on law and sociology or even legal studies. In addition, the scope is widened as state and federal agencies of certain countries are also hiring criminologists to be policy advisers and research officers. Even in private institutions criminologists may not be jobless, they can work as consultants to discuss issues such as adult corrections, juvenile justice, law reform and crime statistics.

Speaking of criminology salary, you can take a brief glance on the annual average salaries for positions in the education bodies. For instance, assistant professors are capable of achieving an annual pay of US$ 76,147 while lecturers can easily earn up to US$ 52,436 per year. The amount could be higher if you are working at private institutions. Take the full-time faculty salaries for example private independent universities are willing to pay up to US$ 92,257 a year. This figure is sure enough to lure you into taking up the criminology degree.