Car Covers And Christmas Holidays


Hi everybody this blog has been about sharing information on covers, from the simple car cover to the large RV covers. And it’s that time of year to stop and thank all the people that have helped our websites and blogs do so well. From all of us at D. R. Global Marketing thank you and have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year. Now that we have said our thank you we need to carry on with the cover information highway. This time of year there are more then a few good reasons to purchase a cover for your vehicles and RVs. Just look outside and what do you see? If you are in the Eastern part of this country you probably see snow and ice. If your from the Midwest you will be looking at either snow or rainy conditions, then there is the Southwest part of this great country and yes the sun is still shining bright there. If you are from this part of the country count yourself as one of the lucky ones. There are covers for both vehicles and RVs that are made just for the intense sun UV rays. These covers are called the Tyvek cover it uses a material made by Dupont. This material will stand up to the sun much better than any other cover material in the Southern part of our country. It is white to reflect the sun and help keep your vehicle or RV cool on the inside. The Tyvek cover is a single layer cover that provides both waterproofing and UV protection. I recommend this cover to all our customers that live in the Southwest and any place that needs that extra protection from the sun. Now for the customers that live in the Northwest, Midwest or East and far North. There are covers made for you in mind. First the 3 layer waterproof cover will provide great protection from snow, ice, rain, damp conditions and long periods of seasonal storage. This cover is made with three layers the first layer is made of a durable material the middle layer is a waterproof but breathable material and the third layer is a protective material. This cover is an excellent cover for the cooler and wet parts of this country and others. Then there’s the four layer covers they have all the properties that a three layer cover has plus a fourth inside layer of fleece, this fleece will protect your clear coat finish on your show cars, brand new vehicles and any type of car, truck ,SUV, van or station wagon you want to give that little extra love to.
Well I think there are many good reasons to cover your vehicles both in the Winter months and Summer months and that is to protect your investment. At the price we are paying for our vehicles and RVs you need to protect them from the normal day to day nicks and scratches as well as environmental exposure from acid rain to bird droppings that can fade your paints finish.

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