Car Buying Negotiating Tips – Memorize These Beauties Before You Visit the Car Lot


If you have seen the Monty Python Film “The Life Of Brian” you will probably remember the scene where Brian is running away from the Romans and buys a gourd in the market to act as a disguise. Even though he offers the merchant the full price for the gourd, the merchant demands that he has to haggle first. This is funny because most people don’t like to haggle and feel uncomfortable in essentially confronting the seller about the price. When it comes down to buying a car always remember the merchant from the life of Brian – you have to haggle. In short, if you want to save money on your next car deal then remember that everything is negotiable. Here are some car buying negotiating tips you can use to haggle with your next car salesperson.

The aim of negotiation is to find some middle ground after having two opposing views. You will be a better negotiator when it comes to buying a car if you have some idea what that middle ground is. What I am saying is – do your research on the make and model of car that you want and the average cost of this vehicle.

Car salespeople negotiate each and every day. They have probably been to courses on the topic. Sure they may say that their job is to satisfy the customer but in the end they will use certain strategies and tactics to get you over the line so to speak. They are also in competition with other salespeople and this may give their ethics a nudge every once in a while.

With this in mind, be prepared to go to a few dealers first before you even consider signing on the dotted line or getting the keys into your hot little hand. I know that’s a painful process and time consuming too. But it will give you experience of the patter (err sorry…sales process). You will feel more comfortable when it comes to negotiating a deal if you have had this experience.

One tip that can save you plenty of cash is to buy your car when the dealer is in more of a hurry to make a sale than you are to buy. Buy a vehicle towards the end of the month during the middle of the week. That’s when sales figures have to be reported and various incentive bonuses are worked out. The car dealer is anxious to sell during this time so use it to your advantage.

Learning and using car buying negotiating tips can help you save plenty of money and get a better  deal on your next car.