Canopy Beds Make a Comeback


If you’re in the process of choosing a new bed for your bedroom, you may find yourself considering a canopy bed. Canopy beds are quite stunning visually, and though typically thought to be used in littel girl’s rooms, are now found in the master bedroom as well. They offer beautiful, timeless elegance and will greatly increase the decor of any bedroom. Once difficult to find, these beds are now available in many different styles and colors. So, how do you decide on which canopy bed would be just right for your bedroom?

Two of the first things to consider when choosing a canopy bed for your bedroom are color scheme and design. Make sure you have a particular look for your bedroom in mind so that you won’t feel too overwhelmed when starting the selection process. The first thing you want to do is take a good look around your bedroom and get a feel for the overall design you would like to achieve. Are you looking for more of an elegant, classic feel? If so you may want to go with a bed that has a rich cherry wood finish and making it easy to incorporate bedding in warm neutrals like taupe, green and brown. Or do you find yourself thinking more along the lines of a light, summer, country feel for the room? If that’s the case, go with a white canopy bed and use a bedding set in soft pastel colors like pale pinks and sky blue to compliment the room.

Next on the list of things to consider is the actual bed size. What size bed will be able to best serve your needs? Because canopy beds are now available in every different sizes (typically Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King), always take room measurements before purchasing a bed — especially if you’re also looking to purchase a new mattress.

You’ve now selected a great color, style, and size for your bed. Next, you can move on to finding one that has great quality at the perfect price. When you go shopping for your canopy bed always check for things like safety and durability. Make sure your canopy bed is made from quality materials. Don’t buy a promotional, cheap piece make from MDF fiberboard or tin / aluminum. Stick with quality materials made by a quality manufacturer. Always comparison shop and do your research before buying. You’ll get a quality bed at an affordable price and create drama and romance in the bedroom for years to come.