Canada Fly in Fishing – Fly in Fishing at Its Best


People have been flying to Canada for their yearly wilderness fishing trips for years. With what Canada has to offer who could blame them, fresh air, tons of wildlife, and even throw in some beautiful rugged landscape.

Northern fishing at its best is what a trip to Canada can offer. There are so many options to choose from. American plan where everything is provided for you including your food and boat and motor. To the housekeeping plan where you bring your own food and angling equipment, but a boat motor will be provided for you.

You can stay at the many five-star Canadian fishing resorts or if you choose you can angle at one of the many fly in outposts. Now this would depend on the type of holiday you wish to have. At the resorts you’ll be pampered and only have to bring in the fish, the fly in outposts you’re going to be your maid. But for someone who just wants to get into the wilderness away from the hectic life a Canada fly in outpost is the perfect ticket.

Fishing trips to Canada will probably be your most memorable wilderness outing. Your only problem will be trying to decide which method of fishing you will want to employ. Lake, river and even some small stream fishing are all possibilities you have to choose from.

Fishing resorts can offer you many packages, you can have your angling day trips where they will fly you into a lake in the morning and then pick you up later that evening. Or you can go for the outposts fishing, where they fly you in, from a few days to a week. If you’re at the outpost for the week you can get a midweek checkup, were they fly in to see if everything is okay.

Canadian fly in trips offer you many locations of wilderness angling to choose from. All 10 Canadian provinces can offer you extraordinary angling that you will experience no where else. Whether it’s Ontario fishing lodges, or roughing it in northern Québec I can guarantee you, you won’t be disappointed.

A few of the provinces offer some of the best salmon fishing in the world. If salmon isn’t your thing how about some northern pike, lake trout or even fishing for walleye.

If angling for salmon is your thing, bring your favorite salmon fishing fly, along with your fly rods and head to northern British Columbia. Not just the fishing is awesome but the wildlife also. You may want to be careful when you’re salmon fishing that you don’t tangle up with their many bears that will be gorging on the salmon also.

The salmon fishing the eastern provinces is also well worth the time spent there. And while you’re there you might as well hook up with some of the sea run brook trout that are so plentiful in these provinces.

The Canadian province that I most love is Ontario. The angling possibilities there is endless. You could fish in a different spot every day of your life and never fish the same spot twice. Some of the Ontario fishing lodges are the best in the world. Although I have been to a few that were not so great, so a little investigation of the lodge you plan on staying at would be a wise decision.

Ontario fishing camps and wilderness provincial parks both offer some of the best angling you will ever have, hands down. There are some places in the more populated areas where only fly fishing is allowed. If you would like to specialize in a fly fishing trip then be sure to check out all the fly fishing lodges and camps that are so numerous and Ontario.

So fly to Canada and experience some of our world renown Canadian fishing lodges. Were the angling this good you have only experienced in your dreams. But before you wet your line be sure to pick up the Canadian angling license, because our natural resources officers are around doing their job.