Can Steve Really Quit Smoking?


Say hello to “Steve.”

Steve is a fictional character who has been smoking for more than 5 years…Steve would love to quit smoking, but he just never seems to get around to it…

A few months ago, Steve was talking a big game about how he wanted to finally quit smoking cigarettes. About how quitting smoking would be better for his health in the long run. About how much money he’d save if he were to finally give up the habit. And Steve WAS successful at quitting smoking. At least for a little while…HORRAY!

But now, the weekend is here & Steve’s ready to party.

Steve had a rough week at the office & he needs to take the edge off. Steve buys a 6 pack of his favorite beer at the local grocery store & he heads over to his friend Brian’s house (Brian is also a fictional character)…

The music is playing, the beer is flowing & then Brian offers him a smoke. Steve just can’t resist…

After all, the smell of the cigarettes can be so tempting to people trying to quit….& Steve he has so many fond memories that are deeply associated with smoking. In Steve’s mind, smoking reminds him of all those good times…

Steve just feels he HAS to have a cigarette- all those good times are reloaded in Steve’s brain. “Sure, man…why not?”

And now, Steve’s smoking again…However, now he’s now got all sorts of mixed feelings and emotions…

1. First of all, his body might be used to the familiar chemical effects that cigarettes are now being rekindled deep in his bloodstream. Steve’s body isn’t sure whether he likes this feeling or not.

2. Second, Steve might be experiencing some conflicting emotions internally. While the cigarettes have brought bring back the old feelings of celebration & the “You only live once” attitude, he’s also keenly aware that he was trying to quit smoking & now he’s seemingly not going to follow through with his decision…he feels like he’s broken a promise that he made to himself!…but, at the end of the day, his decision to quit was for his own good, right?

3. And finally, Steve starts extrapolating his experience today to other areas of his life…He’s thinking “If I can’t make a decision & stick to it..what else won’t I be able to complete? Is this the type of person I am? No, wait. I’ve completed other things in the past…it’s just a cigarette…whew..” Steve thinks to himself. But really, what’s he thinking is: “this is just silly.”

Wow! Who’d ever think that so many emotions could be wrapped up in one little tiny pack of flimsy cigarettes?!


Ask any current or ex-smoker you know whether they’ve experienced anything like this in the past…However, you better take a seat. They may tell you all about these feelings & many more.

If you smoke (or recently quit), can you relate to this story or a similar one? Does Steve’s story sound a little like deja vu all over again…?

For all the smokers reading this, Steve’s story may sound all TOO familiar….However, there is good news…

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