Campsites in Washington


Are you planning to go for a camping trip? Have you decided where to camp out? Well, if you haven’t decided till yet then I would suggest you to camp in Washington! Camping in Washington will be a memorable experience for you as this place is full of beauty, history and astounding campgrounds! So, what are you waiting for? Just hang your backpack and head-off straightaway to Washington state parks!

Here is a list of some of the best/stunning camp parks in Washington:

1. Olympic Peninsula Campground is simply perfect for those who are interested in activities like whale watching, bird watching, fishing, boating and storm watching. This campground is basically a temperate rain forest and you will able to explore the varsities of nature.

2. The Mount Rainier is paradise for nature lovers or outdoor enthusiasts. It is a rainforest where you can discover subalpine ecology, hike the wonderland trail, watch the mountain clouds and enjoy activities like climbing, backpacking and hiking. This place is full of natural scenery and you can find a variety of wildflowers and lakes over here!

3. The Cama beach state park is a state park located on the Southwest shore of the Camano Island and offers visitors an opportunity to take themselves back in time to the 1930s era! This park offers cedar cabins and bungalows, simply perfect for a family vacation!

4. Lake Chelan is one of the most stunning and enjoyable areas of Eastern Washington. This place offers you swimming, fishing, camping, and hiking opportunities and that too, in a wonderful mountain setting. You can either camp on this exotic site or simply enjoy the lakes from any comfortable resort. This place will lead you to the North Cascade highway, which will give you a chance to tour some of the most attractive spots in the region.

5. Sun Lakes State Park has 7 lakes and rocky canyons- to lure and entice every visitor. This place has around 162 campsites, with 18 full RV hookups. Hiking trails, fishing equipment, and boat rentals, make this camping area full of fun and adventure.

6. Lewis & Clark is another campsite that inhabits old-growth forest, streams and wetlands. Apart from the natural sceneries, you can view some amazing wildlife such as bear, elk, deer, coyotes, squirrels and chipmunks. I am sure that you will like this campground!

Well, above is a list of some of the most exotic and popular campgrounds of Washington. So, to go Washington and have a fun time out there!