Camping Holiday – A Family Adventure Or Not?


As a consequence of the current recession a lot of families in the UK are turning to holidays at home with camping being the preferred option but how cost effective is it ? This means a visit to the camping shop with a long list of wants and questions but is camping a viable solution to holidaying in the current climate.

Our “family” have made the decision but have they really considered the amount of equipment they will need and above all the actual cost of equipping a family ready for a camping adventure. It is all to easy to jump on the bandwagon as the saying goes “Act in haste repent in leisure” and they have to remember that two weeks camping is nothing like two weeks on the Costa brava in a four star hotel.

So assuming that a great deal of thought has gone into their decision they arrive at the camping shop and first thing on their list is a tent ,easy, no, what kind of tent? How big? What about sleeping arrangements? Storage? Cooking facilities? How much cooking do they intend to do are they going to use on-site facilities. What about sleeping bags, airbeds or, aerobeds and camp beds, can we still get those, so far we have not got very far in our shopping expedition has our “family” really thought this through?

Apart from tenting have they considered a trailer tent with its ease of erection and off the ground living of course one disadvantage of a trailer tent is it has to be towed but with all the equipment they would need for tenting a trailer might be a good idea so probably would have to tow anyway but is that a cost we have given any thought to the cost just keeps mounting up.

Of course our “family” have to bear in mind that a lot of the purchases they make will be used time and time again as they discover how camping will change the use of their leisure time quite drastically in the coming years and that the cost of holidaying will really be campsite fees and fuel. It is of course to buy a lot of your requirements on the second hand market but this could be a case of false economy and a lot of considerations have to be taken in to account when buying this way the main one being you have no guarantee or no right of return so it definitely a case of buyer beware.

Maybe initially our “family” should have considered booking a packaged camping holiday which could entail staying in a tent, static caravan or wooden lodges and travel either by plane, coach or car there could be cost savings but the main purpose would afford them the opportunity to try it out before buying. As you can see turning to camping as an answer to the current financial climate maybe not a viable alternative in the short term but is a long term solution. Should our “family” take up camping , please enjoy, it is wonderful way of life.