Campervans: Solutions For Backpacking Adventures

.tags So you have wanted to take a backpacking holiday for a long time and have a long weekend coming up. You want your mate or your sweetheart to take the adventure with you, but they are not so crazy about sleeping out under the stars in some remote region of the outback as you are. One of our backpacker campervan vehicles may be just the solution to convince them to join the adventure. Camper rental can get you to the remote location with some of the comforts of home conveniently transported with you. Our vehicles are economical for hiring and fuelling. Considering where you want to backpack, you can contact a campervan hire Tasmania service branch, a campervan rental Brisbane branch, or one of our other branches near to where you would like to take your backpacking tour.

Our inexpensive campervan hire fleet has a small kitchen area with a fridge, gas cooker and sinks. They are fitted with a double bed for the night layout. While they may not be able to go as far off-road as you would like, they can get you out in the more remote outback with your mate or partner where you can park close to areas for day hiking or any other activity outdoors. These campervans are the perfect compromise. Your partner can still sleep on a bed at night, get up and cook breakfast on a stove with a sink at hand and then backpack out with you during the day.

There are several obvious benefits to hiring a backpacker campervan for the adventure holiday. The fact is you will have to get yourself to your dream-backpacking destination by some form of transportation. You can bring your own vehicle that may not be equipped as our campers are, or you can invest a little more so that you and your partner can both enjoy the adventure. Campervans are fuel conservers for their size and use. Even if you have a family or a group, one or more of these camper vehicles can help make your holiday a success. For larger groups you could take one car and a campervan, or two campervans. Those who would like to sleep under the stars can do so, and those who prefer a bed in an enclosed space can have the vehicle. Maybe a compromise would necessitate swapping, one night outdoors and one night in the bed.

The advantages of camper rentals are many providing practical transportation and accommodation facilities. So, go ahead and plan your backpacking getaway. Now you have an answer for your partner or mate’s comfort and you can both look forward to that long weekend together. Hike Tasmania’s West Coast Mountain Range, or backpack Avon Wilderness Park and adjoining Alpine National Park. Explore the Blue Mountains out of Sydney. Enjoy the natural springs and the multiple terrains in Carnarvon National Park in central Queensland. With attractions everywhere to be discovered, what are you waiting for? Hire a backpacker campervan and hit the road.