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Steeped in history, Cambridge is renowned as one of England’s two great university towns.

Visiting Cambridge you will be amazed at the selection of accommodation, from quaint bed & breakfasts, 5 star hotels, budget accommodation and a range of self catering apartments, hostels and cottages.

Cambridge has been described as one of the most beautiful cities in Britain, taking its name from the crossing of the River Cam. Here, at the meeting to the north marshy Fens and dense forests to the south, was the lowest reliable fording place of the River Cam, or Granta.

An Iron Age Belgic tribe built a settlement on what is now Castle Hill in the first century BC. The Romans took over the site and it became the crossing point for the Via Devana which linked Colchester with the legions in Lincoln and beyond, In the first century AD.

Followed by the Saxons, then under William the Conqueror the Normans, who built a castle on a steep mound as a base for fighting the Saxon rebel. The motte of William’s castle still stands and Ely Cathedral can be seen from the top on a clear day.

Peterhouse, the first college, was founded by Hugh de Balsham, Bishop of Ely, in 1284. Clare, Pembroke, Gonville, Trinity Hall and Corpus Christi were established in the first half of the fourteenth century.

During the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries ten more colleges were founded, to include St. John’s, Trinity, Christ’s, King’s, Queens’, Emmanuel and Jesus.

The great architectural treasures of Cambridge can be seen in the colleges. Founded by kings, queens bishops, nobles, guilds and rich widows, they attracted powerful patrons and large endowments of land and money.

Fine buildings were established including the 14th century Old Schools, the 18th century Senate House, the Fitzwilliam Museum and University Library.

Cambridge today is a thriving city of approximately 100,000 people. The heart of the city is surrounded by fine buildings and green open spaces. The famous grass-covered banks of the River Cam, The Backs, are carpeted in Spring with daffodils and crocus.

In Summer you can take a punt along the river and enjoy the architectural glories of the riverside colleges.

There are a wide range of museums and galleries. The Corn Exchange, Arts Theatre Junction, and other venues provide programmes covering all aspects of entertainment. On the last weekend in July The Cambridge Folk Festival is held. Cambridge has many good shops. Famous, of course, for its bookshops. As well as specialist shops, there are the well known department and chain stores.

Cambridge, offers a wide range of accommodation, from opulent hotels, small bed & breakfasts guest houses, self catering apartments, cottages and touring parks.