Call Center Service from the Philippines

{flickr|100|campaign} There are many call center companies and agencies in the Philippines today in which other companies and businesses can outsource their call center service. One popular example of a call center company in the Philippines which is known for the quality of their service is Magellan Call Center.

Call Center Service from the Philippines
Magellan Call Center is like any other call center companies and agencies in the Philippines. Most of their services include inbound call center services such as Live Answering Service, order taking services, as well as reservation services. However, the main goal of Magellan Call Center is to offer their services to small business.

According to many industry experts, Magellan Call Center gained a lot of respect because of this. Many businesses gained their success through Magellan Call Center’s call center services. This is because other businesses were given the chance to focus on their core business, rather than expanding their business to include an in-house call center department.

And like other call center companies in the Philippines, Magellan Call Center had also gained their own success along with the growth of the call center industry. Eventually, Magellan expanded from a few agents to over 300 highly trained call center agents located in two different offices in Metro Manila. Their Live Answering Service had also significantly grown over the years.

Outsourcing to Offshore Companies
According to many industry experts, the reason why the call center industry of the Philippines have grown so much in only less than a decade is because of call center companies such as Magellan Call Center offering their services to offshore companies, such as those coming from the US.

Many foreign companies have chosen the Philippines as their main base of outsourced call center services because Filipinos, among almost all Asian countries, are known for their excellent use and fluency of the English language. Added with one of the cheapest workforce in Asia, many foreign companies have decided to choose the Philippines as their base of outsourced operations.

However, other than the Filipino’s keen knowledge and understanding of the English language, as well as cheaper workforce, many companies have also chosen the Philippines because of its diversity of call center services. Other than Magellan Call Center’s Live Answering Service or any other simple customer relation services, many call center companies in the Philippines were also known to offer online business to customer support and online business to business support.

During and After Global Recession
During Global Recession, many call center companies in the Philippines have closed down due to the fact that most of these call center companies and agencies relied too much from their offshore clients. And because Global Recession caused a major downfall in the US’ economy, many companies in the Philippines have also faced their own downfalls.

There are, however, several call center companies that survived Global Recession, such as Magellan Call Center. And today, most of those that survived that event are now recognized as some of the leading call center companies in the Philippines.For more information visit to our site