California’s Governor Was a Former Mr Universe


This is perhaps common knowledge. Arnold Schwarzenegger bagged the title in 1969 and won various professional bodybuilding titles like the prestigious Mr. Olympia until he retired in 1975 and pursued a career in Hollywood. Though he appeared in films like Hercules the Movie in 1970 at age 23, it wasn’t until 1982 with a smash hit Conan the Barbarian that he made his mark on celluloid history. Today, he is the Governor of one of the most prosperous US state.

Arnold is considered a pillar in the modern bodybuilding industry. His winning the Mr. Universe contest and subsequent mega movies earned him the adulation of a generation of wanabees who yearn to get a physique like him. Even after his retirement from the movies, he remains an enduring icon in the bodybuilding world. Hailed as the king of bodybuilders, Arnold has been quite busy promoting fitness and bodybuilding trade journals and magazines and has presided over countless contests and events that has pushed the bodybuilding sport to where it is today

Bodybuilding with Arnold
Arnold’s name now lends itself on a form of bodybuilding technique simply called the Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding – a highly vigorous and wrenching training program that demands the highest concentration and discipline for bodybuilders wanting to join international contests like Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia. Safety measures coupled with a strong proper guidance are needed for this specific type of bodybuilding. This training regimen is certainly not for every one.

Love The Sport

The Arnold Schwarzenegger bodybuilding regimen can only be pursued by those who are serious to enter bodybuilding competitions, whether local or international, and win. Going into it demands no less than perseverance to endure the training, focus and will power on the body build you want and the discipline to follow your training regimen as planned. It is essentially a mind-over-body regimen that Arnold himself has fully espoused and followed in his time. Bodybuilding for Arnold meant either everything or nothing. To do this successfully, the bodybuilder must not only believe he can make it, but more importantly, love the sport with unstinting passion and commitment.

Bulk and more bulk

Bulking up comprise the core of the Arnold Schwarzenegger training regimen. The novice will need to consume as much calories as possible to ensure weight and bulk gain. This is sure to enhance muscular development though the risk of gaining fat also increases. The strenuous daily workouts ensure that the fat is burned off.

Workout routines should be devoted to each body part in equal measure. Gaining bulk on one or two is not good enough if some parts are left neglected. Arnold himself realized this when he migrated to the US. He had a huge upper body but with thin legs. He promptly proceeded to correct the imbalance that in time gave him enormous leg muscles with calves reputed to be largest in the bodybuilding world at that time.

Not everyone can be an Arnold. But for sure, if you aim for that, don’t be surprised of you exceed Arnold’s bodybuilding statistics when he won the Mr. Universe crown. There have been recent winners bulkier than Arnold. But few can match his proportion.