Cafe Facelifts on a Budget


When renovations spring to mind, immediately thoughts of major costs come into play. But this is not the case if you are looking to refresh your cafe. Here are some cost effective ways to spruce up your cafe without breaking the bank.

1. Paint – Quite possibly the cheapest way to give your cafe a facelift with maximum effect. Reassess your colour palettes based on your furniture, lighting and space you have to work with. Sometimes, you don’t even need to paint all the walls – a feature wall can offer quite a dramatic effect and can be done in a matter of hours. If you do choose to repaint the entire cafe, make sure that you allow time for multiple coats and drying time. You don’t want your customers to be knocked out with paint fumes!

2. Hardware – Another great way to change things up is to replace old door knobs and handles with new more modern styles. You can pick these up for minimal cost and can have a great impact of the aesthetic of the cafe. If you do your research online you can often get them heavily discounted if bulk amounts are purchased.

3. Occasional pieces – Vases , bowls, wall hangings, lamps and flowers all add to the ambience of a cafe. Visiting places like Ikea or Freedom furniture will allow you to find some great pieces at low prices. Get creative with things like bookshelves and order stations – lamps can look great on these and add to the lighting scheme for next to nothing.

4. Menus – Presenting your menus in interesting and creative ways can have a huge impact on customers. Try using metallic or textured papers or even different fonts to bring your meals to life. Make sure that you have spares on hand in case a menu gets ripped or dirty.

Whether you choose to implement one or all of these solutions, they are sure to give your cafe a great facelift on a budget. Just make sure that you keep your furniture and signage in mind so that they don’t clash.