CADIZ: the silver jewel


Wonderful places in Spain

You are probably aware that Spain is a very beautiful country and you’ve heard so much about it, that you are planning to visit it. You made the right choice, because the experience you are going to have in Spain is unbelievable. Since you want your holiday to be perfect, I recommend Cadiz. Everything is spectacular in Cadiz and is an ideal location for your holiday.

The waters of the Atlantic Ocean which wash over its shores are so silver, that the city is also known as the silver cup; and indeed, its beauty really makes it look like a silver jewel. When you arrive you will be welcomed by the carnival atmosphere which is permanently present in the city. The inhabitants are terrific people, always happy and ready to receive guests, so you will have a wonderful time in Cadiz.

The history of Cadiz

The history of the city spans centuries and is very interesting. The Phoenicians founded the city, giving it the name of “Gadir”, which in English means “the fortified city”. Cadiz was the most important city within The Tartessos kingdom. Hannibal’s campaign came to an end when the Carthaginians arrived however, when the Romans conquered Cadiz it flourished and many of the monuments that can be seen all over the province date back to the successful Roman Era.

Roman Sightseeing points

The Romans helped the city to develop and possibly played the most important role in its history by building aqueducts, an amphitheatre important for social and cultural activities together with many other outstanding buildings. The Cadiz Museum is a great place to learn about the interesting archaeological past of the city; the art and the ethnography have special dedicated sections. The Roman Theatre is an exquisite example if you are interested in how the city looked in the 1st century BC. When it was first built, it was the largest theatre Spain had. The Aqueduct is incredible; it shows you how the city received water from 70 kilometers away, while the Roman Factory which produced salted fish shows you how well the city was developing during that time. Visit the city and you will fall in love with it.

The province of Cadiz has a total of 5 National Parks, the largest being Los Alcornocales.  There are several caves to explore in the park with Neolithic cave paintings. You can also participate in a variety of activities including canoeing and abseiling. A day trip to this park is awe inspiring and will be a memorable part of your holiday in this impressive Spanish province.