Buzzsumo Review – Ultimate Content Marketing Tool

Buzzsumo Review – Ultimate Content Marketing Tool

Are you looking for blog post ideas that can drive great traffic?
Do you want to write that post which is proven to work for others?

Meet BuzzSumo :

I have listed BuzzSumo earlier on my 100+ blogging tools mega-list (Link: ) & today I’m showing you how to use BuzzSumo for content marketing.

Here are some of the great features of BuzzSumo:

Find most shared post on any topic
Find most shared post from any blog
See who shared the post
Sort the listing based on individual social network
See backlinks to a domain or to an individual posts.
Trending topics

If you have never used BuzzSumo before, you should try right now.
Go to this link:
Type or your domain name, and see the results.

This tool is recommended by all other pro of content marketing. Go ahead and add one more great tool in your list.

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