Buying Land in Antigua

If you are seriously considering the purchase of land in Antigua, welcome to the club! It has no name yet but you can be sure it’s a club that desires the laidback atmosphere of island life surrounded by endless vistas of sun, sand and sea and hobnobbing with friendly people. Well, always friendly, almost-naked people on the beaches and the Carnival!

Do Step into Paradise

For non-citizens of Antigua, the purchase of land in Antigua is one of the easiest and wisest moves you can take in diversifying your investment portfolio, capturing the magic of holidays and becoming part of island life. There are steps to take into paradise, expectantly.

Do secure an Alien Landholding License, which costs 5 percent of the total value of the land considered under purchase. Since each license is specific to the property, be sure that the contract is ironclad. You don’t want to be evicted even before the ink has dried, right?

Do peruse and understand the fine print of the contract. You will be setting yourself up for investment heartbreak if you don’t. Besides, this is standard procedure in any real estate transaction so it’s just common sense, too. Or better yet, do the next step.

Do hire a local lawyer and/or a property management services company to handle the documents and details of the transaction. You don’t want to deal with the bureaucracy when you can be on your holiday! Besides, it will take a load off your shoulders although you do have to take off a load off your pockets in the process. But, hey, it’s worth it!

Do inspect the property being considered for purchase. You don’t want to end up with a shack teetering on the edge of a cliff and paying hundreds of thousands of good American dollars for it, do you? Pray that it’s not somewhere near Devil’s Bridge either.

What all these advice is saying is that buying land in Antigua is easy, excellent and expensive. Seriously, we kid you on the last one.

Do Enjoy the Benefits

Antigua is a tax and investment haven in the Caribbean, which is one of the benefits of buying land in the island paradise. Although you may pay up to 25 percent of the total land value for government fees, agent commissions and other roundtrip transaction costs, the benefits far outweigh these expenses.

For one thing, you are allowed full ownership of the land. You don’t have to marry an Antiguan citizen to do so, which is not a bad idea in itself since Antiguan women are one of the most beautiful on Earth. And we’re not talking bodies only either!

For another thing, the medical and educational facilities, finance and business support services, and the transportation and communication logistics available in Antigua cannot be beat. If you do decide to make your Antiguan home your second base, you definitely will still stay in touch with the world while being removed from its cares.

So, the next time you are thinking of getting a piece of God’s Earth for your vacations, think no further than Antigua. It is God’s paradise on Earth!

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