Buying a House in Northern Italy? Consider Northern Italy’s Real Estate Market


If you are looking to buy a house in Italy, consider Northern Italy.  The north’s proximity to the rest of Europe, high resale value, multicultural and vibrant city life mixed with archaic remnants of medieval culture make northern Italy the ideal property investment choice for so many reasons.

All types of real estate abounds in Italy, ranging from sunny vacation villas on the coastline, to high ski chalets, to charming farmhouses or sleek city apartments.  Here’s where to start looking, when analyzing the Italian property market”

1) Milan- Chic, bustling and busy Milan is the most multiethnic and internationally business-minded city of Italy. Wealthy business people and expats relocate to Milan for work and need housing. The need for expat rentals is booming in Milan. While house prices are incredibly high, high rental costs also guarantee a great return for a property investor’s home purchase.

2) Genova- The port city of Liguria was the European cultural capital of 2004 and the province of Genova (and Liguria in general) is a popular vacation destination for Italians and foreigners in Northern Italy. Genova is close to mountains and sea , next to popular tourist attraction Cinque Terre.

3) The Italian Lakes- Como, Garda and Maggiore offer impeccable views and a mature tourist nature scene with tons to do.  Visit close medieval towns Cremona, Pavia and Mantova and Brescia, where house prices are cheaper.

4) Piemonte-Literally at the foot of the mountain, Piemonte offers fabulous skiing in the winter and hot but airy summers.  Lots of ski chalet and charming homes are spread out all over Piemonte. Turin was the host of the 2006 Olympic winter games. Buying a home in Piemonte makes it easy to connect to France: Piemonte is connected to France via the Frejus Tunnel.

5) Friuli Venezia Giulia-  Possesses a strong Yogoslavian influence and has lower home prices compared to the rest of Italy. Friuli mixes good food, great wine and has diverse scenery, with beaches Lignano and Grado and mountains and Trieste. Homes in scenic Trieste are quite cheap.

6) Bologna- The capital of Emilia Romagna is home to the second oldest university in the world, the most popular spaghetti dish and medieval heritage. The lack of tourists here reduce the cost of living. Emilia Romagna is home to some of Italy`s greatest food including the famous prosciutto of Parma. All kinds of real estate opportunities here abound. If you are looking for a vacation house with a beach scene, nearby Rimini has lots of nightlife and vibrance during the summer months.