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.tags The popularity of charm bracelets has come and gone over the years, but this unique wrist accessory always seems to make a perennial comeback. For this reason, it is perhaps the only fashion bracelet that never really goes out of style. Here is a look at this iconic fashion accessory through the ages.

I love bracelets of every kind. They can be silver bracelets, gold bracelets; they can be made of silicone, wood, shell, beads or even stones. It makes no difference to me. My all time, most favorite bracelets are the ones that have semi precious stones set in them and very wide. If they are rhodium plated silver bracelets or rhodium gold plated bracelets I tend to like them them more.

Another great option for gifts to family or your beloved is to get personalized truth charm bracelets. You can get the designs etched, the name or favorite symbol of your friend or beloved designed within the bracelet or just choose a bracelet with a message that shows your sincere feelings. Thus, you can opt for a precious, personalized gold which can also be worn as a piece of beautiful jewelry.

During the Gerogiian times bracelets remained popular. Paris jewelers were known for their gold bracelets set with pearl edging. After the 1820s coral became the “in” fashion statement, so bracelets and other jewelry were heavily set with coral.

During the period of ancient Egypt, life spans were considerably shorter than they are today. While a modern person could be expected to live as long as eighty to ninety years, an ancient Egyptian would be lucky to see forty.

Because of these short life spans, Egyptians would focus not on their life, but rather what would follow it.

Needless to say that in order to beautify the wrists of both men and women there can be no better option than the funky bracelets that are now termed also as bands. Bracelets can be of various types and they also signify culture, as they were a significant part of the Latin culture. This jewelry is excellent as a gift item.

While buying a bracelet or making one, think about the person who will use it and their personal style sense. Whether they are adventurous or conservative in their sense of style, what kind of job do they do and the kind of hobby they pursue. Thus, accordingly you can choose a bracelet which will also suit and complement their lifestyle.

For a man to be able to fashion bracelets is really something incredible. How a man would be perceived would be in the way he feels about himself because it is reflected in how he dress or wears certain things that may be viewed by many. Thus, men’s bracelets are great additions to men’s styling not only for other people but for him as well.

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