Buy Only Safe Used Car Parts In Clearwater, St Petersburg, Pinellas


Vehicles cannot avoid the need for car repair sooner or later. Car repair often involves the replacement of damaged car parts. Buying brand new car parts is expensive, though, and in the current state of the economy is often beyond the means of many. The alternative is to buy the much more affordable used auto parts such as a used transmission, used engine, used engine computer, used motor or used tire. You should only buy used car parts from reputable distributors in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Pinellas, though, for your own safety.

Syndicates that sell fake used car parts are proliferating worldwide and you could easily be one of their victims if you are not vigilant. In the United Kingdom, the fake car parts industry has amounted to three billion pounds as reported by the British Institute of Trading Standards (ITS). BBC News has confirmed this in their reports. Syndicates of fake car parts operate in most countries throughout the world, including the United States.

In an effort to hunt down these fake car parts syndicates, the British Institute of Trading Standards (ITS) has sent out industrial spies. Still, the unscrupulous practice continues unabated. It even expands in time with the growth of the car industry around the world. For example, statistics foresee that by 2010, some two million more cars will be sold in India alone. Add to this the number of cars that will be sold in other nations. The total will represent the bigger market being targeted by the fake car parts industry.

The most commonly faked car parts are brake pads, brake shoes, steering linkages, spark plugs, air filters, wipers and car interior accessories. Inferior materials are used to cut costs and this creates untold risks on the road. Fake car parts are prone to malfunction, causing accidents that could claim life and limb of car drivers, passengers, other motorists and pedestrians. When substandard metals are used in fake car parts, it could result in shearing. There have been instances of accidents caused by a fake wheel and a fake brake shoe created out of compressed grass.

The most frequent reason why consumers are enticed into buying fake car parts is cost. If compared to the prices of brand new genuine car parts, fake car parts are cheaper by up to 40 to 70 percent. You should not succumb to such a lure, though. You can still save on costs by instead buying genuine used car parts from reputable dealers. Genuine used car parts are still cheaper than brand new genuine car parts but are also reliable.

To make sure that you are buying genuine used car parts and not fake used car parts, buy your used car parts only from distributors who are truly trustworthy, like Magic Used Auto Parts Inc. This distributor has been a respected member of the auto parts industry for 12 years now. It has the largest inventory of used auto parts for Japanese car brands in Clearwater, St Petersburg and Pinellas. Furthermore, it provides guarantees for all the used car parts it supplies.

Used transmissions, used engines, used engine computers, used motors, used radiators, used power steering, used car starters, used alternators, used automotive body parts, used tires, used car interior accessories and other used car parts for late models of Japanese and Asian car brands such as Toyota, Honda, Nissan, Isuzu, Mazda, Geo, Hyundai, Kia and Suzuki may be bought from Magic Used Auto Parts Inc. It also supplies used auto parts for late models of German and American vehicle brands. You can trust this used auto parts distributor in Clearwater, St Petersburg, Pinellas.