Buy Macbook Air Based On Your Use

.tags If you do not know that you should get a MacBook air or not. And here, I try to list the most frequent case here, when you have reviewed all these cases, I’ll just assume that you’ve already decided that you can afford to buy the electronics.

You are a student and need a laptop: In this case, I can guess that this computer would be your only/main one. So I would remind you to think about whether you’ll need more storage space for your music, and other media/data. The MacBook may have limited storage space. You might also need to think about how much “portability” do you actually need? And as a student, in most of time, you’re sitting in classes, so the portability maybe not that much necessary. And the Air is usually not a great “main computer”.

You are a gamer: This computer can never be considered as a “gaming” system with the highest quality settings, though you can run games on it.

You are learning programming: You usually need to open more windows and so on, so more screen real estate is necessary…

If you want to do light email, web browsing and Skype: that seems the MacBook Air can accomplish this kind of job in perfect and which is totally capable of handling all that with ease. However, there was the Skype problem, but it is said will be solved shortly hopefully.

You are an executive and would like to go from meeting to meeting: That sounds great for owning a MacBook — The only problem is to make sure that IT can set you up with VPN and Exchange. Mac OS X does support Exchange natively, however, entourage for Mac is still considered as awful, although you’re a heavy MS Office user, to install Windows with BootCamp is always needed.

If you just want to buy the air for its cool-looking: I suggest you not, to buy a computer only for its good looks is so silly. The major value of a computer is its software. Make sure that you can work and do whatever you need to do with Mac OS X software. Also, just because a software package exists on Mac and PC, it doesn’t mean that they are identical.

You are a blogger: This might be your best computer for ever, but to be honest, a blog job doesn’t require a whole lot of computing.

Whatever outcome, if you know good or bad points, you CAN make a decision based on use.