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The first week after New Year’s Day due to the new appliance store was added, the price melee appliance stores, household appliances prices continue to remain hot state. Shengxing newly opened second store, launched a number of 1 per product, specials attract Beijing residents rush to buy, but on a larger scale, color TV price war expanded, long-lost Wensheng microwave out little tricks, but wash the ice cut prices a close.

42 inch plasma by adding price reductions

Three days before the New Year Chinese enterprises to create 42-inch plasma TV price of 10,000 yuan more new coordinates, the foreign-funded enterprises began to sit still, last week the mainstream of foreign home appliance brand in the high-end image of the company Samsung, Hitachi, Sanyo, have cut prices, echoing the brand’s price cut in capital appliance acts, the price adjusted to 19,800 yuan in the vicinity to ensure that their sales.

In fact, the LCD TV price cuts are disguised strike it intoxicated. Sharp LCD launched by the leader in large-screen LCD TV to buy 15-inch LCD TV to send the behavior, are becoming more common, within the last week, Toshiba, TCL are all carried out similar promotions.

Ice wash price cuts to a close the second half of 2004 the ice wash crazy price reduction coming to an end. No matter how the information home appliance stores, people knew that store again in a wide range of real price reduction is impossible.
Most appliance stores
last week, the ice continued to wash the region were empty, and only a few people to buy. In order to attract popularity, capacity 173 liters mute sound Shengxing a store in the refrigerator in the sale price is 998 yuan, 1,298 yuan Rongshida 218 liters, 200 liters of other special products around the refrigerator price yuan more than in 1500. Washing machine with a similar situation. In fact, in years ago, Panasonic, Siemens, proposed after years of white power in the information product prices. In the steel and oil prices continue to rise in derivatives case, the white businesses face increasing pressure prices, the new year are likely to rise, white electrode.

Microwave melee 399

Microwave oven price war broke out again last week, this war is by Beijing home appliance chain Shengxing provoke new army.

Store where there a group of 399 microwave oven element, beauty, Galanz giant microwave oven two more concessions to each other, which Galanz is the current price of around 699 yuan with an LCD panel, metal shell products, down the middle bargain to 399 yuan, and really affordable. Inspired by them, other microwave brands are the prices start the day diving operations, the price of a product as long as Haier 249 yuan.

Although the manufacturers have made limited sales of 20 units within the sign, but the door of the business who do not do it, that day is almost without limit.