Business Inspiration From the Life of Harriet Tubman


Here in the UK, October is Black History Month. We celebrate the achievements and contributions of Blacks and Asians. Last week, my son was given the assignment of researching Harriet Tubman, the African American women who is famous for helping black slaves escape to freedom. Coincidentally, Molesey Knox-Brunson, US-based motivational speaker, author and success coach, posted the following quote on Facebook a few days later:

“I freed thousands of slaves. I could have freed thousands more if they had known they were slaves.” -Harriet Tubman

And this gave me food for thought! Imagine being a slave and not knowing it, and therefore missing out on the chance to be free! The following Facebook dialogue with Molesey ensued:

Oma: Powerful statement! It’s possible to be a slave and not know it, if that’s how you’ve been all your life! In today’s world, the concept of slavery seems alien or ancient, but mental slavery is still going on! And one could be born free but mentally enslaved later in life. Lord help us!

Molesey: @ Oma: That’s why I love this statement. So many of us are mentally enslaved and are so used to bondage that we reject those who aspire to free us… I like to drop a seed of inspiration for those folks and keep going bc the most important thing is THEY have to want to be free.

Oma: And now you’ve dropped another bombshell!

“So many of us are mentally enslaved and are so used to bondage that we REJECT THOSE WHO ASPIRE TO FREE US… THEY have to want to be free!”
Wow! I’ll be on the lookout for anyone trying to “free me,” and make sure I don’t reject them!

Could you be in mental slavery in some area of your life or business? Are you unknowingly rejecting those who aspire to free you? I can think of one area where I was once in mental slavery. It was believing I had to work harder to earn more money. I thank God I was open to new ideas and to those who aspired to “free” me! I now know that we need to work SMARTER and not harder to earn more money. Which is why I employ the power of leverage in my business. I leverage:

My contacts by joint-venturing, partnerships, asking for referrals and inviting readers to forward my content. I have also learnt to ask for help when I need it and to graciously accept when it is offered.
Social media to grow my network, expand my reach and extend my brand;
My content through article marketing, blogging, syndication and extensive use of social media.
The time, labour, knowledge and skills of others by outsourcing aspects of my work to virtual assistants, other experts and contractors; by belonging to a powerful international mastermind group and by accessing the support of coaches and mentors.
And a whole lot more!


I am in business for myself, but most definitely not by myself! That is working smarter, not harder! Thank you, Harriet Tubman for the work you did to bring freedom to thousands, and for this inspirational quote. I’ll be on guard against mental slavery and I invite you, dear reader, to do the same.

Oma Edoja is a UK-based business coach. She helps women small business owners attract a steady stream of clients using feminine, value-based strategies. If you are a female small bu


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