Business blogging tips from ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse

Business blogging tips from ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse

ProBlogger founder Darren Rowse talks business blogging tips with Kate Volman. Darren discusses blog content creation, small business blogging mistakes, blog traffic strategies, and more. Learn about GoDaddy Managed WordPress See the full blog post at

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Kate Volman: Hey everyone, I am Kate Volman and I am so excited to be joined by Darren Rowse. He is the founder of Darren, welcome to the show and thank you so much for chatting with me for a few minutes.

Darren Rowse: You’re welcome. So nice to see you again.

KV: Darren and I were just chatting and I was saying that I’ve been a fan for years and have been following his blog. And now he has a podcast which I’ve been listening to, lots of great content, and you’ve been in the space a long time. Darren started blogging in 2002, which is way back when nobody was blogging.

DR: That’s right, although I felt like I was way late to it. I looked around at all the other blogs and thought how am I ever going to compete with them?

KV: Well look at what you’ve done; you’ve created a huge community and you started blogging in 2002 and then actually started making a living fully from blogging only a couple years later in 2004.

DR: That’s right, yeah I blogged in on a personal blog for those first two years and then just gradually started to experiment and play around with some of the monetization strategies that were just emerging at that time.

KV: People need to check out your site because you do have a really crazy story about the jobs that you had while you were blogging and making ends meet and
figuring things out, so it’s a great story. Tou can find it on, right?

DR: Yes, that’s right there. If you just check out the Start Here page you’ll find out all the links to that story.

KV: Awesome, and he wrote a book of course called Problogger: Secrets to Blogging Your Way to a Six Figure Income, and he wrote that back in 2008. And
you’ve had three editions, so lots of upgrades and new tips and strategies to give everybody that picks up a copy of that book, which is great.

DR: For sure, yeah.

KV: So Darren, I’m so excited to talk to you because blogging is one of those things that most small business owners, they always say I know I need to blog but I’m not. So kind of starting high level, you know, in today’s business world there’s so many people that have a blog, that are writing, they want to get attention and eyes on their business. How do you stand out now with so many people producing all this content?

DR: Yeah, I think a lot of it does come down to the the kind of content that you’re creating and how you differentiate yourself from other people. So, at a base level you need to be creating useful content that’s in some way changing the lives of your readers. So, that sounds like a bit grandiose but you need to do
something that’s useful, that’s bringing about a change in their life, I and I think that’s ultimately what the most successful blogs do — they take people on a journey from one point to another, even if it’s just informing them of the latest
news or keeping them up to date with what’s going on in an industry or teaching them something — which is what I do with my blog. But you’re changing people’s lives in some way so they’re gonna keep coming back and they’ll tell other people about you. But there’s a lot of blogs doing that now so you’ve got to start to think about how can I differentiate myself and and really a lot of that comes down to your branding, your design, but also your voice. And I think a lot of bloggers can really work on trying to find a gap in what’s going on in the industry in terms of the style of content, the the voice of content, the mediums that are being used. I think is a real opportunity at the moment with live streaming video that that can be a medium that you could really use and then embed that content back on your blog. That’s something that you could do that would be a little bit different to what I think a lot of people are doing today. So you’ve always got to look out for those new technologies, new styles of creating content that can help to differentiate you. …