Bus Shelters: Comfort Traveling at your Door Step


Every day millions of people take a bus ride, to their homes, offices or even to keep a date. Although day by day personal mode of transportation is becoming a permanent fixture in daily life, buses are still working at large. Moreover, old people can not take a ride on their own as after a certain age driving should be avoided as it may lead to medical complications, such as heart malfunction or a cerebral attack. And if you are living in a big city then driving on your own can be a very dreadful and boring experience. It is much better to leave all the driving to the cab driver or the bus driver. The most important part of bus riding is, they are very ‘green’, since many people can avail a singular transport emitting green house gasses rather than every single person riding his or her own cars, emitting toxic fumes from several sources. Therefore we can say that bus rides should be encouraged: it is good for your pocket, citing the huge taxi fares or the ever rising rates of fuel, and it is good for the environment too. But there are a few inconveniences regarding a bus ride.

Nothing can be worse than waiting for a bus at an open bus stand on a rainy day, or it is raining, or the unbearable heat of the tropical sun, depending on which part of the world we are talking about. So we can say that a bus stand is incomplete without a bus shelter, which can help us from the elements of nature, and not only that it also helps to maintain order while boarding or dislodging from a bus. Bus shelters are designed in such a way that automatically people gather in such a way that automatically a queue is formed and the general chaotic hustle-bustle which take place when a bus arrives can be avoided. This is clearly helpful for the senior citizens, physically or mentally challenged people, or pregnant ladies. On a lighter note bus shelters can also give some privacy to an intimate conversation.

The most basic type of bus shelter will have walls covering three sides with a roof made of some kind of plastic, or to be technically correct they are made of some sort of synthetic material or polymer, whatever they call them. Even with those differences they have two basic things in common.

These bus shelters are made of semi transparent or, fully transparent material, which can allow people to see outside and keep a check on the timings of the buses and the bus itself. Some of these look like tinted glass, so as to give some shade to save the passengers from the scorching heat of the sun, whereas some are completely transparent. One of the main reasons for the transparency or semi transparency are that these conclaves do not become dens for anti-social elements in the night when the bus services are not very frequent, and in some cases they just don’t ply on late nights. So any anti-social activity can be visible from outside, and will be noticed by the police patrols; making these bus shelters safe and dependable.