Bully Pamplona City Of Spain

.tags Bullfighting lovers must make Pamplona town a must see destination. This town is the center of bull fights and it holds festivals to honor Ernest Hemingway, who was an American writer, who loved this town because of the fights.

The town is spectacular and has historical conservations and has mountain ranges of Navarra, which will definitely take your breath away. It has urbanized areas as well, dating back to the 16th Century. There are parks, monuments, and avenues which are very nice.

Attractions in Pamplona

Plaza de Toros is a hot spot for bullfighting lovers. This is the bullring and is located at the far end of the town walls, next to the Arga River. The tradition of bull fights has added to the popularity of the town and this has gained it world fame. San Fermin festival attracts thousands, who want to have the experience of this great spectacle each year. Plaza de Castillo, which was the bull ring in 1893, is close by and has wonderful cafeterias.

You cant afford to miss a visit to the gothic cathedral of Pamplona, which has a faade of the 18th century neoclassical architecture. This building is of great religious value in Spain, with its mausoleum for the king being its most valuable asset.

Beautiful parks along the river Arga are wonderful and towers on the town walls spectacular. There are also several famous personality monuments in the park, with the Fountain of Neptune marking the end of one of the parks found just by the river.

The citadel dating back to the 16th century is amazing and consists of beautiful gardens. This pentagonal fortification is used for concerts and exhibitions today.

The Valleys in the East

Roncal Valley and Salazar Valley are beautiful places for excursions. There are mountain peaks surrounding the valleys making them very attractive. The environment here is typical and romantic making the mountainous landscape the perfect place for a getaway

Way of Saint James

The Holy Ghost chapel is found here and holds religious importance. This is a legendary monument that was the pilgrim way in the 12th century. Pilgrims who died during their journey are buried in a cave here. The mortal remains of Apostle Saint James are also believed to be buried here.

So, apart from bull fight, which can be very exciting and memorable, there are religious values held by this city making it worth checking out.