Bulawayo Zimbabwe

{flickr|100|campaign} Where in the world do you find the gigantic waterfall, the highest bungee jumping site and dozens of immense Safari parks? You might as well have guessed it; somewhere probably

in Africa. It is one of the discrete countries for serious tourists who want to explore and indulge themselves in nature the way it should be.

Heath Streak began his career as a fast bowler and proved to be a formidable one throughout his career. He generated good pace and generous out-swing, which troubled the world’s

best batsmen of his era. Streak’s bowling talent enabled him to fetch 216 Test wickets from 65 matches at an average of 28.14.

One of the best ways of viewing the wildlife and to have a completely relaxing holiday is on a houseboat. Most Houseboat Safaris leave from Kariba Town which is near the Dam

wall and right near the border with Zimbabwe’s neighbour Zambia. They usually last from 2 days (1 night) to ten or more nights on this magnificent lake. An added bonus is that

it is also relatively inexpensive in comparison to lets say a safari lodge holiday in Kenya or South Africa, because of the sharp decline in tourism in Zimbabwe of recent.

Bulawayo is the second largest city after Harare and is located South-west of the country. It’s a beautiful city with plenty of attractions to offer. If you really want to know

the cultural history of the region then Bulawayo offers you the Natural History Museum, Bulawayo Art Gallery, Railway Museum, Kame Ruins, Mzilikmzi Art and craft Centre etc.

Bulawayo has a sub tropical climate with the average temperature of 30 degree C in summer and 20 degree C during winters. The city houses a number of hotels ranges from simple

to luxurious so you should stay in the city for few days to explorer each and every part of the city.

Right next to this hotel, one can find a vibrant VIP-styled nightclub known as STAR that plays great music throughout the night. The bar or club is usually visited by the

wealthiest Zimbabwean and the atmosphere inside is worth telling. Hip Hop fanatics love visiting the Symphony; it’s a modern, up-class bar that is highly visited by party lovers

– tourists do love to spend their groovy nights at this bar. Other great bars in the city include Balcony and Globe Trotters.

Zimbabwe’s biggest draw is undoubtedly the majestic Victoria Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world. But the country also has other natural and historical

advantages to captivate travellers and beckon them to return. Wildlife, fish and birds abound including a number of unique, rare and endangered species making game viewing, bird

watching, fishing and hunting popular activities.

This faith found its greatest expression in Great Zimbabwe, where it become the centralizing religious authority, and in the Matobo Hills where it eventually became known as

Mwari ve-Matonjeni, “God of the Matobo” and was adopted by the Ndebele whose reverence for the Matobo is sacred.