Building Your Downline MLM Network Marketing Strategy – Start Making Money


A few days ago a friend of mine, who happens to be one of my networking friends wrote me: “Since I am kind of new to the Internet Network Marketing can you tell me how I can build value if I do not have a MLM downline as of yet? I would prefer to keep away from going after family and friends.”

This was a really familiar question to me since when I got started with my network marketing home business I choose to work with only a “Cold Market” rather than bugging my family and friends with this venture.

My Sponsor instructed me to cold call my leads and start buying. After about four months, and 100’s of dollars later and numerous amount of hours spent on this I still have not a thing to show for all my work and time spent.

Now I was only one (1) new associate in my line and my banking account which was a few hundred less than I started with. And my upline was telling me to get on those training calls and adjust my posture, and so on… And I kept thinking the same thoughts, How will I build my value if I have no MLM downlines? And how will this be duplicated, if ever?

And looking at those facts above, if I ever was to sponsor anyone, they would need to have tons of money for investment and an intense desire in succeeding to do this. And some are better than others at talking naturally to others while others will struggle at it. Yes, they can learn, but fast enough to keep alive with their business?

Then it hit me, like a real slap in the face. I woke up then realized that what I’ve discovered will totally revolutionize my downline MLM network marketing. This after I hit the rock bottom, burnt out. I then spent months in educating myself using Mike Dillard’s Magnetic Sponsoring to learn the technique I would need to make my business work.

I took a different way of looking at my MLM and this brought on the biggest change. I was making the mistake of not looking at it like it was “MY VERY OWN BUSINESS”, I had to start acting like the leader of such. I then learned to generate online leads, used autoresponder to emails and created my own MLM capture pages. Then the prospects started to call me, and they aren’t MLM leads that I purchased either, I actually learned how I could generate my own MLM leads and cash flow for free by myself.

Since I saw the value in the System I had and they could see this for themselves by plugging into it, I just showed them what I do. If you do not have any MLM downline, this doesn’t mean you don’t have any value. By showing them that you’re a leader and speaking up and acting upon such you can bring in the prospects.

Alright, so you may not know too much about the Internet Network Market? But if you even know just a little, you most likely know even more than about 90 percent of people who are involved in MLM industries. Value. Now this value you can take right to your own MLM prospects who are seeking change.

Start out small, learn all the basics, and start today by acting like a true leader. You do not have to have MLM downline to offer them value.

If you have skills to offer that are unique the people will be attracted to you as a leader for them. Changing your mindset to that of a leader and good things can happen in your personal MLM business as well.

The question really is, What are you waiting for? Get started today


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