Building Web Apps with WordPress – O’Reilly Webcast

Building Web Apps with WordPress – O’Reilly Webcast

Despite starting out as a blogging platform and currently existing primarily as a content management system, WordPress is powerful enough and flexible enough to run any type of web application. Whether you’re a novice WordPress user or an experienced web developer you can leverage WordPress in many non-traditional ways.

In this webcast talk led by Brian Messenlehner you’ll learn:

How to rapidly build scalable and secure applications
How to save time and money doing so

We’ll also showcase some really cool applications and examples of building things with WordPress while thinking out of the box.

About Brian Messenlehner

Brian is the co-founder of, a WordPress only development shop. Since he comes from a background of building complex web applications, he has always looked at utilizing WordPress for more than a blogging system or basic CMS. Brian and the team at WDS have built several non traditional websites utilizing WordPress as an application framework. Some recently deployed projects include an internal employee training system for StarBucks and an iPad/WordPress hybrid app for all of the YMCAs in NYC that logs member activity and awards badges. WDS is currently working on a project for the Dallas Museum of Art that will have an iPad kiosk at each exhibit to allow visitors to interact with each exhibit and receive badges based on their activity, all built with WordPress!

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